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  1. Can you guys actually give information about the rewards at each rank. Like really this is a top tier shitpost in terms of giving any info out. Thanks there's an event you briefly stated things. No actual info until you scroll way further down (seven posts, really couldn't edit the first post and include that info could ya?), and nothing on rewards. Don't want to ruin the "spoilers" of it all? Ha. Give people a reason to grind something out instead of making me blindly grind out role ranks for rewards I might not even want. I didn't play any of the previous Easter events so I can't just recall the rewards off the top of my head, but I guess that's on me. Poor judgement on not picking up APB sooner in life I suppose. Get it together. Also why is this in the social forum and not the event forum? Like where posts about events go. Also also, make an announcement about events and draw in some players. Would that really be so hard? Probably based on your initial post about this though. If you need ideas let me know. Stop dropping the ball.
  2. What if I'm silver and I get dropped to bronze now I get kicked out of the silver district AND I can't play with my other silver friends? And then the next match I win I get silver again. Kick me out of green. The cycle continues. THE REAL PROBLEM IS BULLY GOLDS DETHREATING TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES. Just so they can trash on someone cause they can't trash on people at their skill level. Sad.
  3. MrC


    Hi Devil Dog is a trained sniper with the navy. If you think he doesn't know how to hold a position until the target is ready then you are mistaken. He can hold that pose for another 10 years I bet. If you don't believe me you should do your san paro lore research before you think of him as so weak a man. Sorry for double post but you need a link to the lore. I will fight anyone who disagrees with me and thinks Devil Dog is weak. http://apbdb.com/contacts/Financial_E11/
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