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  1. Hate you so much for decision about "same nickname"!!!!!
  2. And what about nicknames??Why Necrova players must change it??? if for example player on Citadel plays only 1 hour and player from Necrova with the same nickname plays 1000 hour? Yes thats a problem!!!
  3. And I hope you change your mind about this item and similar nicknames are better replaced by those who have less game hours... it will be fair to those who played 2000 hours and not 10 hours... I know you can do that. Tnx - Character names will come across except where there is a conflict
  4. And one more time: Thats Not fair and stupid decision...
  5. my total time in APB : 3375 hours and they think that I MUST change my nickname if player with such nickname play only for example 50 hours? I already hate them.....
  6. So if my charecter with nickname which was register in 2012 on Innova and migrate on Necrova i must change it? if such nickname and player appear on Citadel ONLY in 2013-2014-2015-2016 or later??Don't you think thats NOT FAIR?? You maybe think thats not important for some player, but you wrong. I gave My money and My time for this game. And you just ignore that?
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