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  1. @MrsHappyPenguin how is disabling useless windows services,that track and send data and using resources on pc bloatware? make some research on that program and then call it snake oil,please.
  2. no it wont destroy your ram sticks or overheat them it has nothing to do with overclock,this works for windows as well and any game/task @Mitne
  3. whats the point of posting my "specs" this is a thread to boost even high-end pc's and fix stuttering and not only fps issues,stuttering occurs even on the most high end machines,i dont see a point advertisting my specs. @Rade
  4. imo i would do some research before typing that @cheater
  5. you need to use task scheduler and then it will repeat it self every 5 minutes check the instructions
  6. As the title says,i've been searching around for stuttering fixes and this worked for me,it also works for any game and windows 10. Download EmptyStandbyList and put it somewhere where you won't move it https://wj32.org/wp/software/empty-standby-list/ Right click > Properties and select Run as Admin under compatibility. Open Task Scheduler > Create Task on the far right General Tab (give it a name). Under security options > Change user or group > Advanced > Find Now > go down and choose SYSTEM (important to make it run silently in the background). Tick 'Run with highest privileges' and 'Hidden' at the bottom. Pictures here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6568736/how-do-i-set-a-windows-scheduled-task-to-run-in-the-background Triggers tab > New > On a schedule > One Time. Tick repeat task every 5 minutes (possibly excessive but it causes no issues). Also choose 'for the duration of: indefinitely' Actions tab > Start A program > Point to the EmptyStandbyListprogram file. Done! Standby memory is automatically cleared every 5mins. Also another software that really helped me it out,is this https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 Make sure you go up and click the recommended settings if you dont know anything about ms services,if you do go ahead and disable what you wish.
  7. You got banned for a reason buddy,check your email which you created your account on.
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