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  1. i am having the same problem... and no one will help me yet. lets hope someone who knows the answer to our question will answer.
  2. EACH and EVERY time i try to load a district other than the marina the game either Crashes or BE KICKS me! i have only have characters for 10 hours and about half of that time was spent ONLY on TRYING TO ENTER A MISSION DISTRICT! i have asked in the marina chat and i have looked on the forum abit and nothing is helping. infact most all of what i see is "It's Your Computer" no asking how it goes on or trying to help all people tell me is that one line i hate the most... "It's Your Computer". as far as how often it happens... if i were to try 100 times to login on a different district only 1 Freaking time would work! it is making me angry because i am starting to like the game but Cant play it because of that one single problem... as far as how to replecate the problem... login and try to join any server except marina and you will be told one of 2 things or you will crash. one of those will say it is possiblel for the persons internet to be messing up.... the other is that BE kicked you
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