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  1. Elvengadorfeo

    Pay easy

    Before little orbit there was an easy way to pay where you printed the invoice and paid it in your city. Will it come back or not?
  2. Elvengadorfeo

    equality to blocked users

    if the cheats could return to apb because those who remain blocked of course or because they performed "fraud" are not? in the end are both cheaters? what a game is the hackers (cheats) and they give him the opportunity to return ... the most just would be unlocked all or no account ... I hope you analyze and make a future change ... thanks
  3. Elvengadorfeo

    Second wave of unbans

    I have the same problem as many who do not unlock us the account and if the tea players who spent 5 years cheating and ruining the game ... and over in the case of several that can not be unlocked the account will no longer respond nothing ... I think apb reloaded is still the same as before and the cheaters too ... better leave the game ...
  4. Elvengadorfeo

    doubt about account

    They blocked my account with the reason of "fraud". that in fact it was my mistake because in the clan where he belonged we lent our weapons and a clan member lent me a bloody which a few days later I went on vacation and did not return for a month and it turns out that he thought I had it stolen and reported me and if it is reasonable because I did not return in a month and when I enter Apb with another account I asked him and he told me that if he had reported me and he thought that the blockade would not be permanent ... hopefully he would find a solution :(
  5. Elvengadorfeo

    doubt about account

    Hi, did I have a question if you can pay for an account unlocking?
  6. Elvengadorfeo

    when can we write support?

    with the new support will be able to unblock accounts?