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  1. Elvengadorfeo

    Unfairly bloked account

    if you want I speak to you in Spanish ...? in the support he told me to participate in a fraud to a player. They blocked me in March and my last weapon change was in December! and now it turns out that I was part of a fraud? I almost did not play ... and they labeled me a swindler and they tell me they can not return the account ... Buauu the best game of the year! I think I should give up and leave and forget APB
  2. Elvengadorfeo

    Unfairly bloked account

    I did not mean to be rude but you come to me with terms where I find the answer because I was blocked by something I did not realize
  3. Elvengadorfeo

    Unfairly bloked account

    do not answer if you do not have the solution ... the terms is obvious that tells you that tucuenta will be blocked if it violates the rules but what I'm going to that my account was blocked by something I did not do ... do not keep talking about term and if not You have the solution, do not talk.
  4. Elvengadorfeo

    Unfairly bloked account

    that's the problem I sign the behavior system but I'm accused of a fraud that I did not do ... there's the problem
  5. Elvengadorfeo

    when can we write support?

    with the new support will be able to unblock accounts?