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  1. 'Sup everybody? Downloaded the game yesterday for the first time. Didn't know you could have 2 toons per account, so I ended up making 2 accounts. One for Enforcers, and the other (obviously) for Criminals. wasn't able to play long on either side, and the tutorial is basically useless. First toon (Enforcer), step outside, get mowed down by a passing car. Passing over me like a speed bump, I should say. Wasn't sure about where to respawn, so I tried to get as close as possible to where I died. Yeah, long story short, three or four more deaths, and it was time to try the criminal element. Suffice it to say, that actually ended up being worse... lol If I get a chance to play today, I will try again, and hopefully accomplish something other than wracking up a personal body count! lol Oh, and NA Server here.
  2. Having tried to play both factions before looking at the forums, I applaud this. Because there is so much that is not explained, not to mention getting wrecked whenever a newbie steps out into the street, regardless of faction...
  3. New player here. Did not know we got 2 slots per account, so I ended up making one account for each faction. *shrugs* Literally, got into the game, stepped outside (as enforcer), and began a series of getting wasted, no matter where I went. Switched accounts, made a criminal, and got a little further, but still ended up getting mowed down any time I tried to do anything. It is frustrating when the tutorial is horrid, and the only players you meet want to end you, regardless of faction. NA server player here, if that even matters.
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