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  1. lol true man. I get angry PM's allot because im pretty shit at the game now.
  2. was playing last night for a few hours. Districts were packed! Was great playing with 100 people. Chaos. Although I did get trolled by a couple of pricks. Two guys on my team just repeatedly killed me for no reason. Was stupid but they left the game after that so Fuck them! Merged. im not winning much either lol. Been here since RTW days and my skill level has decreased allot since then but still fun to play.
  3. 100 player servers! Boom Got some seriously lag when people shit at me in financial. Doesn't seem to happen in faterfront.
  4. Feels like RTW Times again, This is a game changer for me. If I remember correctly there were also no district segregation when RTW had the game so all good for me right here.
  5. HI all. Just installed 1.3 Playing on my laptop i7 processor 16gig ram GTX960m When I get shot the particles really screw up the FPS (down to around 20) and the game becomes unplayable. this never happened before the 1.3 install. Maybe some extra testing would have been best before making tis live.
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