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  1. Wow so you alrdy got a reply from support ? i tought that they were busy af atm And i`m still looking at my open ticket for 4 days now.
  2. Lol i didnt even knew about that breach lol but i think they can get my stuff back since they were untradeable and didnt jad a option to "reform" to sell and i still have the emails from when i bought them
  3. Dam i didnt ever saw the post about the suport tickets hahah So i think it will be a long journey until i get my stuff back, since they probably will prioritize the unbans and recover accounts to increase the playerbase bfore looking for the other tickets
  4. Oh thats more strange than mine xD I actually got the ingame mail saying that i got the guns on the chars.
  5. yeah they were, i bought both but it was a long time ago 4 or 5 years ago, not sure if hoplon accounts migrated to g1 yet. eddited: tbh i dont remember if i rly had the duck on both chars, but the nano im pretty sure
  6. So i came back yesterday and found that my oca nano connoisseur and my siting duck (both bought from a bundle for account non tradeable) is gone. I alrdy sent a ticked, but i want to know if anyone else had this problem.
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