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  1. Opinion wise and experience related apon the current "phase".
  2. End of quickswitching? You can still combine the sniper rifles with 'Percussion Grenade' for the same effect. Or shoot first with your 'secondary' and finish the enemy with the HVR or CQC. Also this "Feature" does not only affect the HVR and CQC but as well other sniper rifles in the current 'OTW build'. Eventhrough I don't necessary like this feature a' whole, since in times of need you need your 'secondary' to save the day. Seening now days from my perspective quickswitchers are becomming rarity, or people are just bad while trying to do so. Adding this new "feature", will do probaly more harm, then "balancing" about how or when it should be used. In the meantime shotguns are overpowered by range in the current 'OTW'.
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