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  1. Decon. As an ex decon I wish to offer my services to LLO and Fallen Earth. I am old and have been messing with computers since 1983. I have been earning a living from IT since 1993. From first line support to management and a lot of stuff in between. I should imagine there are records of my involvement somewhere as I signed an NDA. I will not say more here, I do not wish to be GM or do anything that will change how I play or what I am allowed to do in game. If LLO are interested in acquiring my help in supporting the game from a technical stand point, Please email me with any questions you may have. If not I will see you in game... Flag and die! Thank you for reading
  2. I accidentally duped an item some time ago. It is not related to splitting and I did not try to repeat events. If this is repeatable I do not want to make public.... Is there an email address I can details send to? Have a hug all of you and thanks for inspiring confidence in the games future
  3. Qtw, whilst I agree with you in that real world politics and morality should not be preached in game. Do you not think an in game morality should exist and be embraced by the community? Would you consider it moral for a skilled player to target lowbies for the easy kill? Would you consider it moral for a pvp player to stalk another pvp player for the DT because of the easy kill. Would you consider it moral for a pvp team to interfere with an organised event and disrupt the event pvp competitions? Would you consider it moral for a player to simply watch in a team or world event and just leech the goodies? I have not raised the question of morality for such things as scamming, duping, hacking and cheating in the hope of the obvious occurring to all readers. Everyone is different, we have all been raised and indoctrinated differently. And with adult morality being more often the result of believing the shit one was told as a child, I don't see how anyone can hold the moral high ground. In game is a world we create as a community. A world we control. A world where I will enforce my own morality on myself. Those in game moral points I made above, I follow them in game, and in game only, because there is no morality in reality.
  4. Hi Matt, Many of the complaints by long standing players are valid, some are quibbles. Regardless, it seemed Gamersfirst had little care for FE. I see positive, I am not swayed by the freebies, I'm too old cynical for that, besides after 4.5 years the coffers get rather full. I am feeling encouraged though and for the first time in years, I feel like supporting FE again. Time to buy me a premium :-) PS like the new forum too... Never seen invision before.
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