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  1. Oh my. I LOVE it! Too bad I didnt know about such event
  2. Are we gonna have new contents, maps, etc? What is the planning for 2024?
  3. May I know which clan did you join back then, Matt? Thank you for bringing this one back alive!
  4. I have one toon that I use regularly, however since the last two or three weeks, I cannot log into the game using her. When I tried, it has a red notification at the bottom saying the character hasfailed to load. Then after that, I wouldn't be able to click on my other toons. I have re-scan the game from the launcher, and restarted the Steam and PC as well. Out of six toons, I can only load one toon. Even just click at the failed one, it later won't let me to load the working one. None of them works. Please help, thank you.
  5. Starting to get excited again, coming back to Fallen Earth!

  6. By far, this is one of the most professional things we can see in this game. A clear, honest and transparent statement. We are waiting for the next update and development. I'm sure there are still a lot of true hardcore FE players are excited from hearing this. Surely we can offer some helps in any way we can to rebuild and repopulate the game to be a lot better one!
  7. Agree with this one. More players could mean more subs and better funds for LO to develop the game even further.
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