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  1. Thank you. I had not seen that I was already.
  2. The situation with APB is a bit tricky. There are well over 600K words in the game. Typically translations cost $0.10 a word (or higher), so there is a fairly significant cost for each language we do. community Translate? translations cost $0 During the console port back in 2016, it appears that text changed significantly between both the PC and console titles. This caused huge chunks of text to show up in English regardless of the language you selected, because there weren't any new translations, so the decision was to remove many of the other languages. Advanced APB Launcher + old traslation spanish files = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHyKF_AImBY It is not all in Spanish, but the basic thing was. GamersFirst should have left languages. We are looking into how we can re-introduce localized text, but we need to figure out a long term solution for doing this that we can also maintain as new content gets added down the road. Thanks LO, no hurry continue with the most important.
  3. Before it was in Spanish so you do not have to translate from 0. At least the Hispanic community that has not played could find out what it has to do in the missions. (google translation) Antes estaba en español asi que no hay que traducir desde 0. Por lo menos la comunidad hispana que no haya jugado podra enterarse de que tiene que hacer en las misiones.
  4. Thanks, those who do not know English can translate it with google translator.
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