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  1. ShadowJack

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    With the ownership change to LO new hope was given to many of us old timers. Good things were said, we were told what we wanted to hear. Some of us even invested a few bucks in good faith. Time to start turning those words into actions.
  2. ShadowJack

    Reasons players leave

    Fallen Earth isnt a single player game. BUT, it can be. You need to adjust your perspective. I run solo 95% of the time. For me it is single player. Some mobs just have better AI than others and require different tactics.
  3. Curious what can be expected time wise in getting a resolution. I have a ticket in for 2 accounts that no longer have a good email.
  4. ShadowJack

    Unbanning Scammers?

    I could accept letting them back in with the following conditions. If banned for any kind of cheating > their entire account and any associated accounts are wiped clean If banned for behavior > the offending character is wiped clean. If behavior banned by Tiggs > account/character fully reinstated PLUS 5000 G1 credits
  5. ShadowJack

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    WOW! Just as i was about to forget this game, delete all and walkaway for good. (not that anyone REALLY ever does that right?) I stumble across this new and "encouraging" development. Forgive me if i approach with a fair amount of pessimism. As Aragon said to Haleth "there is always hope". 2 things, role back everything G1 ever did and make factions relevant.