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  1. I give a strong second to this idear. I would love to be able to spend my 3000+ G1C i have left from when the game closed down. No doubt i would end up buying more. OPEN IT UP Mr Scott!!!
  2. Can't say im surprised, still a bit disappointed. I would have come back full time to a playable game. Was a good 9.5 year run. What happens with G1C? I have a balance on 2 accounts. Not interested in that other game and don't want a refund. Will it be available for the new Fallen Earth ... if there ever is a new Fallen Earth? Thanks Matt for giving it a shot.
  3. There is no "unless" to what i said. You are now going down the path of game play preference. I would never tell anyone what to prefer. We all want the game we want. One is just as valid as the other. They set the sandbox rules, we decide if we want to play in it or not. For me, in a PVE game it matters not what a more experienced player knows. The discovery is a major part of the game. As for PVP i don't participate in the mosh pit style that FE has been, likely will be. I do enjoy the thrill of trying to avoid PVP while going about PVE activities in PVP zones however. If i get caught, i am dead. I generally wont even fight back. Since there is no penalty in death (wear and tear on gear aside) the quicker the better. There is no point in updating the game without improvements and new content. If the game is just a retread with prettier things it probably wont go far with the old timers. Trion tried that with Defiance and failed miserably. Mainly because the update had less content and changed game play for the worse for much of the player base. They are not attracting new players as the original is actually better. There are way to many options out there for me to spend time and effort trying to make a game into something it isn't. I either enjoy my time playing or i find something better to do.
  4. I didn't find it necessary. Since you have made the request i shall indulge. That was a request right? I am not 100% sure i get your drift here. I think what you are saying is you feel entitled to credit in the new version of the game for coin spent in the current version. That said i continue ... Truth is none of us are entitled to anything in the new version. LO may choose to grant veteran players some sort of a token of appreciation but we certainly are not entitle to it. Hopefully you received your moneys worth of enjoyment from the coin spent. If not, well, sometimes things don't turn out how we hope. When (if) the new version comes out we will either choose to try it or not. If we find it entertaining enough we may then choose to spend new coin on new shiny virtual things. Those new things also will not come with any lasting guarantee or entitlement. Such is the reality of virtual stuff. Did i catch your drift or go off in the ditch?
  5. Awesome, one should never spend their hard earned coin on things that are not worth their while. Your above post makes the post i replied to make absolutely no sense.
  6. You have it more than fair my friend. You are fortunate. Those of you who hold the emotional attachment to your virtual stuff already have the game you want. The new platform and servers are not intended for you. The rest of us have to wait for the game experience we have wanted for years now. I bet if you play nice LO will keep your game running so you can continue to enjoy your nostalgia while the rest of us enjoy the new adventures of the new platform. You already have your game. All the rest of us have is hope for the future.
  7. With the ownership change to LO new hope was given to many of us old timers. Good things were said, we were told what we wanted to hear. Some of us even invested a few bucks in good faith. Time to start turning those words into actions.
  8. Fallen Earth isnt a single player game. BUT, it can be. You need to adjust your perspective. I run solo 95% of the time. For me it is single player. Some mobs just have better AI than others and require different tactics.
  9. Curious what can be expected time wise in getting a resolution. I have a ticket in for 2 accounts that no longer have a good email.
  10. I could accept letting them back in with the following conditions. If banned for any kind of cheating > their entire account and any associated accounts are wiped clean If banned for behavior > the offending character is wiped clean. If behavior banned by Tiggs > account/character fully reinstated PLUS 5000 G1 credits
  11. WOW! Just as i was about to forget this game, delete all and walkaway for good. (not that anyone REALLY ever does that right?) I stumble across this new and "encouraging" development. Forgive me if i approach with a fair amount of pessimism. As Aragon said to Haleth "there is always hope". 2 things, role back everything G1 ever did and make factions relevant.
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