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  1. ShadowJack

    Unbanning Scammers?

    I could accept letting them back in with the following conditions. If banned for any kind of cheating > their entire account and any associated accounts are wiped clean If banned for behavior > the offending character is wiped clean. If behavior banned by Tiggs > account/character fully reinstated PLUS 5000 G1 credits
  2. ShadowJack

    The State of the Game (Updated 06/15/2018)

    WOW! Just as i was about to forget this game, delete all and walkaway for good. (not that anyone REALLY ever does that right?) I stumble across this new and "encouraging" development. Forgive me if i approach with a fair amount of pessimism. As Aragon said to Haleth "there is always hope". 2 things, role back everything G1 ever did and make factions relevant.