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  1. 33 minutes ago, Mr Derp said:

    Because normal rational adults want to parade around in a cops and robbers video game in a Nazi uniform and not actually offend people because it fits the theme of the game? Of course it is about offending people. Just like the people with the shit, blood and cum stains on their characters through tattoos and clothing. 


    You're a dimwit if you think otherwise.

    I think this guy can be offended even with a crying baby. Anyway, if the uniform is accepted by CEO and most part of community, it should be made. Thanks everyone for your support!

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  2. 4 hours ago, Puffdragon said:


    This is the flag the pro russian side of used in the ukrainian war, there was no slaves there. The reports of neo-nazis actually were to do with pro e.u. forces backed by the nato alliance.



    This is the russian navel flag, it's also the flag of scotland, as well as various scottish clans.


    Get the picture yet?


    Edit: but what does it mean, it's called the st. andrews cross it's not racist. Back to history class.


    " According to legend, the Christian apostle and martyr Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, was crucified on an X-shaped cross.[6] Use of the familiar iconography of his martyrdom, showing the apostle bound to an X-shaped cross, first appears in the Kingdom of Scotland in 1180 during the reign of William I. It was again depicted on seals used during the late 13th century, including on one used by the Guardians of Scotland, dated 1286.[6] "


    All is ok but russian naval St. Andrew's flag is like this

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  3. If we start speaking about laws, the most straight one is in Germany. Here is the wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strafgesetzbuch_section_86a


    There is a list of actually forbidden symbolics. Another fact is that germany still uses the same clothes model and some of the insignia on it for the parade uniform.



    Here we see old model, old division name insignia on arm, old collar rank insignia, so basically it is a remake of old uniform without old symbolycs. Does it produce hate or offence?

  4. I think official opinion is divided. One moderator said that it's ok without symbol, other one said that they can't be sure about that all and will post a decision later. Maybe they just appeal to Matt or Lixil, we don't know. As for punishment, if there aren't any clear and definite rules, they can punish whoever they need for whatever he done.

    P.S. gamersfirst done that by rewriting rules any time they need, so rules aren't a finished statement. Also rules are one-sided, so noone actually can appeal if something goes wrong, that's why clear official statement about a certain case is what i believe in more

  5. 3 minutes ago, Harley Quinn said:

    afaik the nazi symbol aka swastika is the only one that's banned

    That really was true for gamersfirst, but there are new owners and new rules. Moreover, there is another question, who will get a punishment? A tailor who made it but never showed an uniform or spoke anything wrong in chat, or an actual holder who use it at his own risk with his own way. Historically, this already happened to Hugo Boss, who actually made it all but wasn't banned after and kept a business. But what will be here?

  6. 8 minutes ago, BuckyTheBronco said:

    Personally, I feel like your quick make-up of a uniform you just posted is completely fine. It still represents a German uniform but eliminates the symbols of hate which sparks the issue of racism, hate, etc. I feel like the uniform isn't breaking any rules and is a good happy-medium to the "creative freedom" discussion. Not sure if the "NOT NAZI" arm band is permanent or not, but I feel like it's not really necessary to the outfit and instead puts a poor thought/image in my mind.

    thanks for your opinion, I think it's better to put there something just unreadable. It will keep the accuracy and won't be symbolic

  7. 25 minutes ago, RitualLobotomy said:

    Alright, I've read a bit through this thread and decided to give my two cents to it.


    All of you guys make some really good points, so let's see what we can make of it...


    First of all, when it comes to why making something in this game. Why make military faction uniforms? I don't know. Some people really like the looks of it. Why does someone else make an anime character, etc.? Pretty much the same reason. Creativity is the key and it is one of the reasons people still enjoy it. Creativity should not be limited because of different tastes.


    Now, with that in mind, let's discuss the sensitive content issue. Yes, hatred symbols are strictly forbidden, but a certain design of a uniform should not be an issue. Plenty of other things non-related to military that tick people as it is. So that means, while you may not use the exact same insignia on your design, colour scheme of the uniform, shape and such (and I see nothing wrong with you Soviet one you placed as an example) is not a problem. 


    Personally, I would suggest you to perhaps look up the Wolfenstein censorship, and see if their way of doing it will inspire you to create what you will without any sensitive material. Of course, as you said, details there are much different that details in APB, but nevertheless, it is a good example. Good luck!


    EDIT: I am referring to the German edition of Wolfenstein 

    Ok, here is my fast version of it.


    Modern iron cross on the band, made little and not detailed. "NOT NAZI" on the armband where division name should be. 77 on the collar instead of rank insignia. Eagle also made schematically, just a combination of angel prints resembling it. I think all insignias and symbols are pure and censored, both accepted by customers and not offending anyone. Do you approve it?

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  8. Just now, Obvious Lesbian said:


    Do not use any 'offensive' emblems or the banned emblems and you should be fine.


    But I would refrain from doing anything such as the German Secret police uniforms until someone actually answers this thread instead of crying about their feelings on the topic as a whole.

    That's what I've done during several years of gamersfirst and innova. The problem is that offense is too complicated thing. In old times my skyrim outfit offended a guy, who hates everything medieval. But, the game owner policy is necessary to know in such cases

  9. Just now, DarkRider400 said:

    Im sorry, are you blind or stupid, or both?

    Nowhere have I mentioned that the nazi symbol affects my emotions. I don't care about it in the least.

    My concern is that the whole topic is useless dribble, and that if the question seriously has to be asked, then why bother doing it in the first place for a specific audience that consists of MAYBE 50 people who have hard-ons for WW2 junk in APB.

    those "MAYBE 50" are as important customers as anyone else. 50 like ww2, 50 like elder scrolls, 50 like something medieval and so on. That's how we get customers

  10. On our server i get orders for making something about ww2 just every week, of course most are about soviets and germans. But I can make soviets without such great doubt, because it is actually a russian server where it will be accepted. Also, I never seen a polish player there, so I shouldn't worry about equality of soviet and nazi symbols in their laws. As for german uniform, everything is way more complicated

  11. Just now, Mr Derp said:


    There is absolutely no other reason to be creating Nazi uniforms in a cops and robbers game than to be a douche. 


    If you're going to be a douche, be a man and admit it. Why not just be honest and up front that you want to offend people but want to make sure you won't be punished for doing it?

    As I said, the question is about ALL ww2 uniforms, including soviet, japanese, italian and every else. The german uniform is just the most easily explainable example, because of CoD popularity. Someone may be offended even with a french one

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