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  1. I have also installed, and all that jazz, and it's been stuck on the "2 to 3 day estimate download time" for the last couple hours.
  2. Hello there everyone...this is frustrating, and it's been going since the last time the servers been entirely fried, and when I left to take a break, I come back, only to see my game is trying to update, the problem is it wouldn't. I couldn't repair my game, I couldn't get the update to work, I sat there for an hour, and the update bar didn't move an inch, so I was stuck. And I'm SURPRISED, more haven't commented on this issue, and I feel like I"m the only one with this FREAKING problem. I contacted support, I contacted Lixil, and I didn't get a response from either, so I am frustrated. I need help, please. I can show pictures of what is going on, it is bad. I uninstalled and tried to restart the whole game itself, and now it's not downloading regularly. It's stuck between a 2 and 3 day estimate download time, and it hasn't moved for the last couple of hours.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm having some troubles going into the game after the servers were having troubles. I exited out and couldn't get back in, now my launcher is broken, it's frozen in the "UPDATE" mode, and it's not moving anywhere, don't know if anybody is having this bug, but I can't repair it, it won't let me. I'll send a link to a picture of my launcher, this problem is still going on. (http://prntscr.com/jy9q8j) I also even restarted my PC and reported these troubles and nothing Update: I have gotten the game downloaded, but now it's just stuck in the updater again. Maybe I should wait it out, but Idk, it feels like a glitch, I sat here for an hour, and it didn't move an inch. I'll just go to bed, and see what happens when I wake up, this is really frustrating though
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