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  1. I agree its dumb that he got perm ban for that he should have gotten a temp ban
  2. first off im a totally different person from him if you cant tell and second off there is nothing to enjoy the game is dead lmfaooo its deadddd there's is nothing left of the game
  3. dosen't matter much the game is dead either way
  4. I agree bro have a good one take care #mattscottisnuthsell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15HTd4Um1m4
  5. bitbox

    Halloween event

    any when have any clue when the halloween event is going to come and how long is it going to least
  6. so first of all hi now i want to say a few things so let's get to it so i got scammed. on june 16 2018 saturday which was 15 fucking days ago and i have sent a support ticket right 10 days after that some one by the name of Dixie shows up asking me some questions to answer and so i did but after that he haesen't responded in 5 days so at this point im really annoyed and mad at how fucking long its taking them to do some thing. i have sent proof video proof what more tho they need i get that they are fixing the game and working on the game but like take some time to go throw the players support tickets and issue's the game is nothing without players playing it so for the love of god do some thing about my support ticket and other peoples support tickets https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/requests/5073?flash_digest=ed9f3d573ef4a7d04ffb60b0666d323dd05ab09a&amp;page=1 << my support ticket >> (#5073)
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