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  1. Hi, Try to copy/paste your Email/passworld ,(unless you got a over 128 CharacterEmail (Longer then this) (1xxxxxxxxx2xxxxxxxxx3xxxxxxxxx4xxxxxxxxx5xxxxxxxxx6xxxxxxxxx7xxxxxxxxx8xxxxxxxxx9xxxxxxxxx0xxxxxxxxx1xxxxxxxxx2xxxxxxxxx12345678) It should work, if it fails for whatever reason use Steam,or make new account (Less the 128 character EMail/Password) (Make Sure you add your info whit Caps off (and it got the Correct Uppercase and Lowercase for Email as well)
  2. Thank you, for the time ,effort , and good will.
  3. This is a 2019 Post, this is no longer valid, and it was mean for normal FE, FE Classic, Not the New game engine Fallen earth look perhaps you care about this game but, do it in a other way make a new Topic one suggestion and make sure you Info is correct.
  4. I understand But having multiple server would not help so much, because in this game all are meant to see one a nother: 1 All need to be tied to one server (as long as they are in sight), if they are in same area. no way around it. The multiple Serve would Help if you are just are solo or whit players from same Zone. Sure you get Better NPC, world interaction ping ,but (2 or X times More server cost, as many servers you place around the world) It would not meter when you will be in team whit a Friend on the other side of the Globe you would still get same hig ping (Would help only if you are all in same Zone, as soon as a player from different zone Appears you will get the hig ping) It would benefit but so little for so few cases is really not worth especially for a free game they (your asking something like ''Star Citisen'' Network interface) With is not more then 50 players pers shard, not like FE where is ALL players on same Shard. Others games use the server where you can only play in EU/RU/US ,ect this game you all play on same not multiple. and i for one would not divide the player base for less ping and yes i get 140-300ping at time's still kill 99% of game,1% the lagg gets karma points.
  5. I don't think there are 100% information about FE.2 (or New FE, Unity Fallen Earth) It dose not say anywhere it will be server bases per area(Country) or have progress carried over, so what i said yes it was mean for Classic Fe since this is the Forum of it. But might as well apply to new one, but as long there is no concrete data to suggest the new one will have this FE Classic progress carried over why complain about things not know ?In the Server Maintenance Topic. (Topic is about server update, not Future FE 2, (Unity Fallen Earth) or the ability to spread misinformation)
  6. @MattScott There use to be new starting areas like: Mumford, North Burb, South Burb, could worth investigation if the there are still to many in starting areas.
  7. Thank you, Anyhow if there a update,I mean if is ok to use, i will make a new Post and trow a free UI and guide for better Graphics.
  8. Since you seems to know https://discord.gg/97Pb8Jm2 could you be so kind as to ask ? and give a replay here for humans who don't know discord or are old school and like forums.
  9. Hello, Fallen Earth is still a nice game, but this classic version, it could use some ''makeup'' so my question is can we use ReShade (This https://reshade.me/ ) or we will get ban ? technically we don't modifies any files but it dose interact whit the game.
  10. How about ? 1.Make gear faction based (could be done whit sub weapons ex Vista Sniper/Enfo AR or Shotgun (would need AP variants thou) @Melee, Chota/LightB @Pistols, Trav/Teks @Rifle, Vista/Enfo Or just give + Buff + 5/10/15 points for said faction, can be done bonus based on rep the rep. (new reason to keep ''friendly fire'' off) 2.Mutations (or over 120skill) be based on faction.(it would ''balanced'' if one can't use benovelance if not lightbarer 3.Global buff (Give to WHO contribute in faction pvp/pve zones content. (get's trigger only if done quest and scales whit faction REP, possible stop of alt's exploit since you need to ''work'' to get the buff even if the faction already have it, no free ride!) PVP /PVE ex: Gallow, kill the human leque, collect nulifiers) pvp/ pve can work as one,make such activates in others pvp ( The District ) zones hig mats yeld, could make some others activities outside of pvp zone's,for pve repeatable quest whit cooldonw, whit rewards for crafting ect) Can give, special mats,repair kit's for DT/Faction weapons (remove how DT gear is maintained) (need of special item not equivalent gear ex fuzzy or others cheap guns) Special Ammunition Like +10Dmg (can be crafted but need faction stuff) .Armor Pricing heavy ammo (pvp) .Hollow Point Heavy ammo (pve) (can't be trade) the above ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 4.Faction Events if one faction have 7 amount of day's whit Global, Spawn a boss who can be attack only by said faction reward by participation. (good time for others faction to turn the table) now the jokes. Faction based Quest's Vista plant trees,do nature stuff Chlota go and make anarchy in cities Travelers go sell storm on the street, Techs hepl to build AI (not TETRAX) or make fixed to life-net Enforeces practice in camp a solder never to fit Light Bares go preach the about the light !!!
  11. Dear Community and support, fellow human beings, consider... to what extent you would like to mod FE (Non-gameplay related, Just ''eye-candy,jaw-dropping, eargasm'' stuff) Then we can discuss whit the Team to help us/them implement,said mods) Ex. Textures. (I like my face in FE but a HD version would attract more clones to follow me) Sound. (All-ready there is a mod) Implementing HRTF ? (I;m joking but it would be cool UI. (Some Stuff is hard-coded in game,names/team window etc) - This is Cool we are allowed to Modify it, giving us more control over it would be nice (let's not get to greedy Props. (Details,Sign,Mailboxes etc) Characters/clothes (No Hit-box mod's,or oversize,undersized,stuff, EX Warframe :) Post-processing effects,(Use of d3d9.dll, driver settings) ^ ( All of this doubtless could/should be moderated by The DEV Team ) ^ Dear LittleOrbit If we could get some Feedback on what we could/'t alter would be nice, (No rush i know it will take time, and you got your Hand full whit APB :) What i'm trying to get is a reply to, is who is willing to help on such a feat. Let's make the State of Grand Canyon great again !
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