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  1. Aymes

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    i remember back in the days you guys only accepted real money to get into the clan
  2. Not saying he is a cheater - but you have to look at all angles, here we go - Oh look the cheaters making up some crap saying oh no my account has been banned due to a speed hacker hacking my account. now his cheater friends can make out they were not cheating by also saying oh my account too was hacked, and there you have it escaped a ban - isn't that how it goes? that could be a possibility - How do you even get your account hacked, especially when you said hackers are targeting "theme maker accounts" and how would you know if they were "theme maker" ones in the first place? you would have to literally ask them if they were theme maker accounts, why even ask in first place if they were or not. something is not adding up.
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