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  1. DeziAU

    out of memory ....

    OK the best way to fix this issue is to use a advanced launcher and set the settings to Low Quality Enviroment and save. So whenever you start start from advanced launcher it will not crash if you are running on an RTX card. Been using for few months and doesn't crash anymore, use to crash every day.
  2. no thx mate, no need to over complicate things and there is a reason it makes whos gun special.
  3. Whats is hehe xd Squad and our history: We have been around since early 2012/2013 and operated in Han as long as Han was alive. We have ran clans under the name Devil inc and Density but due to the way the game was going all of us decided to stop playing about 3 years ago. Since LO has taken over we came back to apb but obviously not everyone was commited at that point, but over the last year or so we felt that LO is doing far better job and we 100% want to support the communnity and build again. What we do and the future: First of all, we are not a clan that only wants to get members who dominate the field, to us everyone is equal and end of the day its all about having fun. So our main objective is to have fun, play together, make new friends, do clan events and do alots and alot of giveaways. We did have a clan event 2 weeks ago where members partipacting won legendarys as rewards by winning each rounds. Events include but not limited to; hide and seek, derby, gun fights and many more. Requirements: Must be capable of speaking and understanding ENGLISH Must have Discord Must have mic (unless has good reason) What you waiting for? (click join now) JOIN NOW They mad? Hit them with a he he xd!
  4. DeziAU

    Evocati (Criminal)

    I am down to join hit me up name is DeziGGG
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