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  1. ShiiNee

    FPS loss over time Help?

    but it used to work? since last patch its broken and btw should i turn off Shader Cache on NVIDIA 3D settings ?
  2. ShiiNee

    FPS loss over time Help?

    GTX 750 Ti 12GB RAM
  3. u are using very old drivers tho threaded optimization OFF what ?
  4. ShiiNee

    FPS loss over time Help?

    so i start the game with like 80-120 FPS depents where im at ofc thats my normal fps allways has been but since idk maybe last patch or few days my FPS goes down over time to like 40-60 and it starts lagging my screen frezzes i cant move my mouse it stucks if i move it to fast i have to restart my game after every 1-2 mission and restarting the game takes sooo long because for some reason i have to reinstall direkt X and battleeye every time ? please some1 help. it used to work just fine but since the last update i think its unplayable for me...
  5. ShiiNee

    Lag/Stutter Issue

    same here
  6. ShiiNee

    Having constant FPS drops

    same here