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  1. AMD 9590 4.8Ghz 24GB RAM GTX 2080 Ti
  2. Is this when I pay the DDOSers to go away xD
  3. Yup. Absolutely shitty. Hey Lixil, can you fill us with your knowledge? Or Matt? Now i'm curious, when was the last server restart? Forgive me if they did recently, just unsure.
  4. Not sure if it's implemented today or not, but servers right now are a bunch of lag xDD. Also, with the new servers and all, isn't this going to effect the bronze server? I mean sometimes it's hard to get in, but then there is always that one server with like 10 people in it on both sides. So not much to go on. Was wondering what your plans are for that.
  5. You can contact Little Orbit directly or you can post a topic. Now, i don't know how well Little Orbit responds compared to the Gamersfirst company is when it comes to Contact Us type of support. You should look and see if there is a way to do it here on the forums. Someone may have a similar question. If not, you can always Contact Little Orbit :) Just try not to post it in an unrelated topic. Yup! Just read about it. Didn't know there were phases for it though. Thanks for letting me know! Despite it possibly being a few years, hopefully they will plan on fixing up the actual server itself. Maybe new lighting to help renew the game a bit? Make it slightly more pretty? As for the server, the lag needs to be fixed.
  6. Same here! Minus the programming stuff. However, I'd like to ask you a few things. I'm going to hit you up on the pm's if that is alright with you? Thanks for the post btw Will look into it!
  7. I guess now I am curious about something. After reading more info into this, will servers be slightly updated? With the lag and all, or will that be implemented after the new build?
  8. No worries! I completely understand! Brandon, Lixil, thanks much for the help!
  9. I looked into bugs, etc and announcements. Didn't know where else to look. Link me?
  10. Pardon, who are you? Also uh, let's take it to PM's.
  11. Thanks for reminding me about the images XD. It got reset a long time ago. I don't know why. Anyways, all is forgiven. Just next time, please look at their profiles. I completely understand. I've seen it before here. Just didn't think i'd be lashed out. XD it was hard to explain my question. Wasn't telling then to hurry up or anything, just what kind of their plans are on G1's old server announcement. All is good.
  12. Not exactly new. Look at my profile. I just didn't know if they plan on doing it or if they had other things in mind. It wasn't Little Orbit's idea after all. Didn't know if they were going to continue it or change it up a bit. Wow. APB members are still savages to this day. Holy crap.
  13. Oh my. Calm down. I was just asking if they are GOING to do it. Or if they are going to change things up a bit. I didn't know if they plan on doing it - AT ALL. You know. Different company and all. Different ideas. Different plans. Avatar?
  14. I noticed that APB is now owned by Little Orbit. I was wondering if the new engine will be coming out or that was all G1 and they were never going to do it, or something else. Thanks in advance :) Admins only unless you know the answer (Along with the link of proof).
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