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  1. This was the response I got today. Bear 14 minutes ago Greetings. After conducting an investigation, it has been determined that the ban on your account will not be reversed for the time being. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We may be looking into an alternative solution to bans such as these, so I will be putting your ticket on hold and putting it into a queue to look at down the road, after we have looked into possible solutions. This does not mean that we will be unbanning your account, just revisiting the ban later on down the road. Regards, Bear I dont understand how the other person effected by this false auto ban was unbanned recently and is playing again with money /tickets not removed. We literally did nothing wrong but play at the same house of a stupid weapon scammer and get auto banned. Its not fair I get banned for what another person did just because we decided to play at the same house a few times. Im absolutely just baffled at how this isnt tied in any investigative way to the friend of mine whom got unbanned FOR THE EXACT SAME REASON. PLEASE HELP ME ADMINS
  2. I made a support ticket to get unbanned for doing absolutely nothing wrong at all and was responded to 21 days ago with the following. Ticket # 3411 Sammich 21 days ago Hi Player, I have been assigned your case and thank you for providing this information. I was able to locate and verify the account in question. I'm thoroughly investigating the ban and working on getting this account a fair evaluation. I will be contacting you again with the results of my investigation. Thank you for your patience, Sammich Every week I responded asking how much longer it will take to no avail. I feel like the ticket is either lost bugged or abandoned?? Can someone please help from the staff here? I really want to get back to my account with my friends. Thanks
  3. Yea I'm currently #3411 in the line for unban via ticket. I was banned for no reason given as well. From my understanding was a ban due to association with a weapon scammer. Still unconfirmed but ban one not all of us like uhh .. really unfair tbh.. To be honest I also have spent hundreds of dollars on APB as well and never cheated or did any scamming or even trolling. So to get banned like that was a real slap in the face to someone who supported the game for years.. Really just annoying tbh.. Hopefully I get unbanned soon
  4. People showing negativity to people affected by this bug etc to people who were banned don't seem to understand there are literally thousands of people who were banned for no reason at all. No cheats used or detected, nothing at all. Just banned for being good at the game and spending money and or being friends with a suspected cheater etc. The previous administration was a thieving group of people who focused their efforts on banning people who supported their game for years... So quit your negativity and let people enjoy the damn game will ya?
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