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  1. Ignas / qsn

    About Halloween Event

    "mindless". Half of the current population in APB fits this term perfectly, my vote goes to players being zombies.
  2. Ignas / qsn

    Internet Connectivity Issues

    Why hurricanes are being named aftet people names?
  3. Ignas / qsn

    Mini freezes-Hitreg problems

    UE 3.5 is our last chance to solve these problems.
  4. Ignas / qsn

    My request to Little Orbit

    starpon = Jaigantic = pos who used triggerbot for ages, recently started using speedhacks. There are fuckton of clips of him doing so. LO is just like G1 when it comes to cheaters at this point.
  5. send all the legendaries you don't use to your alt character.
  6. Ignas / qsn

    Moblie Radar no longer works

    oh, so it's finally working as intended.
  7. I think it turns off by itself. technologies dudeee
  8. Ignas / qsn

    Memorable moments in the game.

    I swear, this is the best thing that ever happened to apb.
  9. Ignas / qsn

    Came back to see the progress

    doubt you can see anyone in Jericho
  10. Ignas / qsn

    Special day.

    happy birthday i wish you wishes
  11. Ignas / qsn

    lagging/spark lag

    ye the character is poof poof poof idk how to play wtf
  12. Ignas / qsn

    freaking cheaters!!!1!

    tIgGs wAS ThE rEaL OwNEr oF ApB
  13. the one who sold his own mods for a legendary which he doesn't even like.