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  1. He was the messiah of this game. I still miss him.
  2. Oh Jesus. Even on forums, you two warriors (Tigrix and Kitty) had to unite and spread bullsh!t. Please, stop. This is the most irrelevant issue I've stumbled upon.
  3. gifting free premium is truly a nice idea. At least being in quarantine will be fun from now on. :))
  4. refurbishing takes 10%, therefore - gotta pay 100k for a 4 slot vehicle
  5. no thanks, don't want to be bullied for taking my phone out
  6. it would be pretty dumb to release an engine upgrade to APB:Reloaded with bunch new items just to later ditch it for another game. Unless APB2 is the name of a mobile version
  7. If I will be forced to have a name change because of some inactive NA character from 2012, I'm yeeting out of APB.
  8. or just remove them from the game. None of these lads bought G1C, not a big loss for LO.
  9. my ignorance sometimes amaze myself. Though it would be nice to have character name change for JT.
  10. what about name change you mentioned in title? Are they in JT store that I missed?
  11. Ignas / qsn

    :smh: UPDATE

    they improved the stability of the game, most people are having higher and more stable FPS at the moment.
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