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  1. Ignas / qsn

    :smh: UPDATE

    they improved the stability of the game, most people are having higher and more stable FPS at the moment.
  2. nieko aš čia nesuprantu, padėkit.
  3. You won't believe but here, in Lithuania, servers have been down for 8 hours.
  4. well, the patch is still not implemented so you might've spoken a bit too early.
  5. this game is in bad state as it is, listening to some weirdo from NA equals digging up your own grave, getting inside a coffin and waiting for death.
  6. Themes can go for up to 3mil yet paying for symbol over 100k hurts a lot, so there's no point in risking for couple thousand
  7. oh dear, amebas striking forums again.. get lost, degenerate.
  8. So uhm, I remember Matt saying that configs ARE legal and today I get a response to the ticket which I sent 2 months ago (Blazing fast btw) and now the answer was - configs are illegal. Which of these answers is right btw?
  9. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/ shouldn't there be a server status board?
  10. Ignas / qsn


    'You are now AFK: Away From Keyboard' *teleporting 10 meters* 'You are no longer AFK' what the hell
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