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  1. Ignas / qsn

    Least used guns.

    ye, especially it getting owned by fbw in every scenario possible is so underrated.
  2. Ignas / qsn

    3 Day Bans

    damn sure
  3. 12 deaths of xmas? tysm
  4. Ignas / qsn

    N-tec Anarchy

    yeah, but as soon as LO nerfs ntec, people will massively switch to Obeya's. So I don't really see an issue. Every game needs meta weapons as long as they are f2p.
  5. "I don't care but I want the skin" this one has to be an option
  6. Ignas / qsn

    can be banned for use overwolf?

    There are people speedhacking and not getting caught, overwolf is not detectable anyway.
  7. Ignas / qsn

    This whisper I got from a GM

    too late, this guy is obviously boasting. Had to do this..
  8. Ignas / qsn

    This whisper I got from a GM

    weird flex, but okay.
  9. they can't track same cheaters who didn't even name change for the 5th month. Highly doubt they are tracking anything atm.
  10. Ignas / qsn

    The event is so broken

    so far so good!
  11. Ignas / qsn

    ehh oke

    1. irrelevant place which hasn't been visited since WW2 by anyone. 2. would you answer the phone, 2010 is calling and asking who still cares about what graphics do people play on 8 years afterwards.
  12. Ignas / qsn

    ehh oke

    Picked all the items, timer still going. Thonk,
  13. Ignas / qsn

    This event to you

    that's one way to crack a joke.