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  1. Ignas / qsn

    Fight Club minimum rank change

    F for those people who were R9 and played fight club only for years.
  2. Ignas / qsn

    fix false bans

    have you tried getting out of the truck with which you grief 24/7?
  3. Russian spy detected.
  4. Ignas / qsn

    Explanation of recent bans

    F for our fallen russian soldiers
  5. Ignas / qsn

    this post is only for the edgy bois

    shutterstock is only for edgelords huh
  6. Ignas / qsn

    Happy New Year!

    game end yourself
  7. Ignas / qsn

    Happy New Year!

    merry xmas.
  8. then everyone would get a decent VPN, switch to Egypt and buy G1C for pennies. Not the best idea.
  9. some memes just never die.
  10. Ignas / qsn

    Can my console run this game?

    ofc. Knowing how smoothly it runs on Xbox One and PS4, running on this banger shouldnt be an issue.
  11. Ignas / qsn


    LO is helping with this aswell.
  12. Ignas / qsn

    Least used guns.

    ye, especially it getting owned by fbw in every scenario possible is so underrated.
  13. Ignas / qsn

    3 Day Bans

    damn sure