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  1. ok then .. when we get to E 4 >> thats when changes can happen .. so maybe a new name as in >> APB Evolution << APB Equilibrium << Come on what names U got guys...
  2. well so i saw someone say this an was thinking it could be a good thing.. When they done 3.5 an that ..maybe we should try rename APB...APB has a very bad rep we all know this so maybe something frash an new to go with the new E3.5.. So if u have a name post it here lets see whats people come up with me.....
  3. EvoTron

    APB 2nd wow

    Now yeah a new name ..now that would be a good idear.. get 3.5 ready... then maybe LO could put it to the vote about a name change...
  4. EvoTron

    Lock gold to gold

    Yes if u gain gold u should be banned from join bronze ever again.. u want to play with mates who just started.. make a new char.. its not hard.., then once they know how to play u get your big boy/girl out an show them how to play v real players xd
  5. ok hi look noone has said what ive asked so many time .... "how hard is it for them to lock GOLDS to gold server ??? "im asking is it hard to do" real gold players wont care about being locked to gold....long as they got people to fight ... this would free silver up for silvers... "so how hard would this be to do " if theres a post about this allready im sorry..
  6. EvoTron

    APB 2nd wow

    So do u think they should do a big marketing push..when they lauch 3.5.. All i know is LO is tryign hard u can tell..they know what they took on when they got APB... they must of played an seen how bad an good things are... but when i found out how much money this game has had put in to it i am just blowed away... hardly any players yet APB is in top ten in Best free to play open world games... CRAZYNESS!!!! I say new year new start !!
  7. so i typed in google..best free to play open world games 2018... and on you tube this vid was first >> APB is 2nd on the list.. the vid has had allmost 100k views... so how can we not be over run with players.... theres no game out there at all like APB./.not one.. !! ground breaking customization !! This game has ment to of had >>>100 million + on it !!!! >>>>> https://www.giantbomb.com/apb-reloaded/3030-20985/forums/apb-cost-100-million-dollars-to-make-440234/ so why is the player count so low... what are we doing wrong ?? how can something thats ment to be SOOOOOO BIG !! have such a low player base...man it is crazy dont u guys think !!!
  8. if u want say a weapon.. u will buy the box an unless u really lucky.. u will get every thing BUT what u want lol.. i used 1500+ joker boxs to get 1 legend.... some people use one box an get something.. its all LUCK !!
  9. Guys no disrespect..but why ask for more new stuff. adding to work they allready doing.... right now u should all know E.3 is not goood .. so till we get E 3.5/4 where its much faster to add new content stop being like little kids.. we want this we want that... the game is mashed up..theres loads to do for them... i know we want events an changes an stuff.. but me i want things to work.. dont want them to rush nothing.. and from the way LO been so far. there will be events done and stuff .. just right now i think we should ALL think of the big Pic.... I for one would not care if LO just did what G1 did.. keep the servers running!! put the rest of the staff working geting 3.5/4 up running an ready ..without rushing.... "you cant plz all the people all the time..You can only plz some people some of the time !!!!
  10. Hi tryed to find one in game cant seem to..so i need some symbols made ill pay good.... mesg me if u intrested..thank u ..
  11. EvoTron

    Autumn Event Flawed

    hay look i must say i am sorry for me rageing like i have.. im a long time player.. andim not the best but im not that bad.. the way the event set up its just crazy.. I have the most respect for LO... they are trying an thats wicked... theres allways going to be them that rage .... maybe i should of done it a difrent way ..but hey look to point being forward..dont mess round make it clear how u feel.. now LO have seen an get how we Feel..they will mess round with it an make it a little more fun.. the fact they done something difrent again is epic ... i look forward to seeing how it changes..... PS: some of us in real life have "learning" or other Mental problems.... think befor u post some crap !
  12. if u like this event u like madness. its horried..its just a test for the new game mod ..battle royle... u will see...
  13. Look LO seems u trying but this the 2nd event u done thats just crap... why are u tryign to turn APB in toa battle royle game.. the event details says.. "u will get rewards evan if u lose" well i lost every round an got "nothing" waist of time.. u made it a small area..spawn points 200m away.. its just pure crap... now ive played years spent alot of money.. and mayebe that dont matter.. but i think your gonna ruin APB worse then ever... if this event is anything to go by .. APB wont be APB no more....
  14. EvoTron

    Matchmaking and Threat

    But the real good players wont care long as the maps full..... so lock it and every player thats a real gold wont care ... Try something... anything ..nothing can be worse then how it is now... just some one say how hard it would be to make it 500% harder to gain gold ??
  15. EvoTron

    Matchmaking and Threat

    this is all good but are LO looking at how bad things get with all the DTers?? it cant be that hard to stop them doing it without haveing to mess with match maker right now..do a fast fix..lock golds to gold servers...real gold players wont care...make bronze locked up to rank 195.. serious it cant be that hard to just do an easy fix for now... Matt u said u want a good fair fun game for all..so serious man try something thats not gonna take alot to do...make it 500% harder to gain gold...maybe...im sure for now u dont have to bust things..just something simple.. if u locked golds to gold servers not one of them will care..makeing silver real silver...and if u make it 500% harder to gain gold... would this not be easy to do ?? i dont have a clue im just asking....