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  1. I remember several years back, hit registry was a huge problem. They did something that fixed it up a lot and I haven't had too many issues since, but playing again I'm noticing lots of hit reg problems once again
  2. You can do stretched and fixed regardless of APB. If you have Nvidia, its built in to the control panel. Even if APB couldn't have stretched anymore somehow, you could just set your desktop res to something low with stretched. Then play APB in windowed full screen. I don't think this provides any sort of advantage to players so I'd rather they not touch it...
  3. Agreed. OSRS style would be amazing. Yeah, I agree. Speaking of the ntec, was it buffed or something? I thought the original nerfed ntec and the old oca (you know, the oca that was untouched in the game for like 5 years) were a couple of the most balanced weapons. I don't understand why they would have been touched.... I have no problems with minor adjustments to underpowered weapons that aren't used much, but the weapons that are fairly balanced should.. ya know.. stay put and be used as a guideline on where the rest of the weapons should be. I actually thought the G1 weapon balance was pretty decent minus only a couple weapons. The guns feel a lot less balanced to me now, which is why I made this rant thread.
  4. I think the gunplay is one of the best parts of the game.. I'd be upset if they changed that. Playing other third person shooters like PUBG and Fortnite are much less fun to me. I love how fast-paced APB is and the lack of locational damage makes tracking very important and gives a unique feel to the game when in every other game you get the kill as soon as you get the headshot.
  5. No, it absolutely doesn't. I am extremely thankful G1 is gone and my post wasn't meant to imply that I think Little Orbit is a worse company for the game. I probably should have just made the topic a shotgun rant, I was just annoyed to come back to the game and find the balance somehow worse. I think the communication they've provided is great and a few of the small changes I've noticed like BE and the trading system as well as a couple small QOL things are nice. I have strong hopes the engine upgrade will really come out one day and then they can start working on new things. My point was meant to be that I find the game less enjoyable now than when G1 owned it due to some of the balance changes LO has made.
  6. When Little Orbit announced acquisition of APB and Matt Scott began talking up all these plans, its safe to say most people's hopes for this game increased. BattlEye was a great start, but everything else they've done to the game (which is hardly anything?) is a disaster. APB has been horribly unbalanced for a long time but what the fuck were they thinking with shotgun balance. The nfas was already one of the fastest killing guns in the game and incredibly powerful in close range. So your response to that.. was.. to buff it.. what.. And the Ogre is even better. Regular shotguns went from being average tier at best to absolute trash. The TTK is so long its absolutely not worth using, .68 all the way up to .77. Like do they not realize how huge of a difference that is when it comes to firefights? Yeah, okay a higher ttk because shotguns can utilize cover to gain an advantage over smgs? Thing is, SMGs have WAY more range so that's what you'd have to sacrifice that when using them.. That was a pretty reasonable tradeoff. And now you can just buy a nfas that does everything so much better. Hell, the nfas even kills faster at close-med range than standard shotties. And why was the Dow nerfed. Its literally a slightly more skill-based nfas. esus Christ. Shotguns have had a long history of balance changes from being terrible, to ghost shotting nonstop, to being beyond overpowered. They were FINALLY in a good place before you aquired the game. Shotguns actually did not need to be touched - at least the JG, CSG, and Nfas didn't. Also why was the OCA buffed..? The original .7 TTK Oca was one of the more balanced weapons in the game. It definitely didn't need a buff.. If you wanted to try to balance SMGs better, then bring the PMG down a little instead. For the love of Christ, revert the shotgun changes. Like completely back to how they were before you ever touched them. Also, the OCA should just go back to how it was. There was no need for a buff. Also why was the OCA buffed..? The original .7 TTK Oca was one of the more balanced weapons in the game. It definitely didn't need a buff.. Car spawner still exists. Remote det is still ridiculous. HVR still does 850 damage. Grenades still do way too much damage. Low yields and percs have not been looked at. Defence missions still give you a massive advantage. Game is still filled with tons of gimmicky bullshoot that makes it pretty unfun. Don't get me wrong. BE is great, a few of the QOL changes are good, the trading system is fine, and the communication is much better than G1 ever gave us. There is more hope in this game's state than previously for sure. I'm not saying I'd rather G1 still own the game since that was a dead. In all my time of playing this game, I've never seen the population this low. I mean that was inevitable no matter what minor changes you make to the game. However, if you want this game to survive for a good amount of time, you need to listen to the players. Look at Jagex. They admitted they screwed up their game and re-released an older and arguably better version of it, only adding updates if they pass polls. You should really consider listening to the players who have thousands of hours of gametime and not mess with parts of the game that aren't broken. There are so many problematic errors that could be addressed instead. I think you should just start over with the weapon balance and let the players test things out long-term before changes are finalized, and when they are finally decided let us vote on whether we want them. If the engine upgrade ever actually comes out, there's going to be a good playerbase spike, but without maintaining the game and fixing issues that have plagued it for years (when G1 refused to listen) it'll go right back to being as dead as it is now. The engine upgrade isn't an end-all. The other things matter just as much. Very disappointed. Game was actually more enjoyable to me when G1 owned it and I wanted nothing more than for that company to sell the game off.
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