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  1. That's may correct. What matters is single thread performance. Take a look here: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html It gives you a overview about single thread performance. Your CPU i3-3120M has a score of 1285. Btw: Its a Sockel G2 and easy to upgrade. A 4th gen i7 QM for just 25$ would be a great performance boost. The Xeon X5670 in my build- released in 2010 ) has a score of 1345 that's not much more than yours and APB is working perfect on it. Link to my cheap build: https://valid.x86.fr/h9dzt3 Whatever throttles your performance. Its not the APB engine. Maybe its your outdated windows, GPU drivers, other drivers or installed bloatware/adware. Maybe even a mix of everything, but its not the APB engine.
  2. No, Its more about "If the issue is on your site then stop blame other people for it and take action"
  3. @Mitne I wonder how bad your computer must be... that you're unable to play a 10 year old game on decent framerate. Or does your pc just overheat? I got my a RX 580 GPU downclocked to 650Mhz. 4 FullHD screens connected to it while multitasking with several applications and playing apb on ultra settings... Still getting more than 80fps in APB stable. CPU usage is around 10% ~ The whole system is not very expensive might cost 500€.
  4. I wanna keep my remote detonator and brick. perc & pmg
  5. You really think APB could become a enemy for GTA V ? )) Okay they can just handle 32 players due crappy P2P network, but also have many other features to offer.
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