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  1. LMFAO Nah it's just the select sane few of us are hard to come by. Most of the posts on here really are people that seem like they can't live without the game or their chicken tendies though. Like let LO work on the new servers people. Go play something else while the game is down or something it's not the end of the world XD It's like they view this game as if it's their Cocaine that they can't live without. Jesus lol
  2. I swear this game goes down for 2 days and everyone acts like drug addicts having major withdrawals. Guys it's okay the game will come back just give LO some time in the meantime go find something else to play. It isn't the end of the world. I know it might be hard but you'll all live.
  3. This ^ they also changed the rof reductions to be higher. I was on OTW earlier and I know ir3 now has a -18% fire rate reduction which has made the NTEC more balanced than it was with the previous +12m -15% rof ir3. They know what they're doing
  4. Please give my character max rank on OTW. My Character's name is Kaitlyn
  5. After doing some testing on various weapons on the OTW server I can say that I'm very happy with the new improved rifling mod over the one that is currently in the live version of the game. It's a very good balance for it and I had no issues at all with the guns I tested it on. I think the changes to it are in a perfect spot as they are and I can't wait to see this implemented into the live version of the game APB has needed some balance for a while now and I think the current balancing out of this mod is a much needed change and improvement to the game. Thank you @LO_Beastie for the amazing improvements It's nice to see this mod is no longer unbalanced and is now in a good spot
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