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  1. No this clan is no longer active. This clan and SPPD SCU are both drama-based clan
  2. Shassandra2 is a he. The clan leader Harper invites pretty much anyone, so that's probably explains why Shassandra2 is in the clan. The clan and SPPD SCU are not good clans.
  3. This clan doesn't have a strong leadership. One of their Lieutenants rage quit, leaves the clan after an incident and delete the clan website. That's childish. And guess what, he was invited back the same day as Lieutenant.
  4. SCU is not a good clan. I helped this clan from designs to recruitment and in return, and they booted me without a reasonable explanation. SCU are just a bunch of mall cops. I'm glad we don't have any ties with SCU at all.
  5. Just to clarify to one of your Q&A: do you guys role-play? Technically, you guys are role-playing. You guys might not be role-playing like traffic stops or tactical training, but you guys do have established roles like Major, Captain, Lieutenant and divisions like Patrol Operations and Support Services, etc that you guys play apart of. The definition of role-playing changing of one's behavior to assume a role. Just to help you clarify.
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