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  1. well, you can carry double your carry weight limit before you can't pick up anything, say 100kg/50kg, not 100% sure it's the commander buff but hey I won't complain
  2. Roses are red sky is blue grass is green and you are ranting And the last part cracked me up good Are you some kind of troll that never played the game or did someone asked you to do this lmao
  3. Have no idea what you are trying to say after reading Loved the game back then, still loving it now, nothing changed in game, everyone started from fresh so everyone is same As for the bosses, most of those you can either kill them and ignore the adds, or just hit and run around LOS heal yourself, I never do them as waste of time "Bosses (or even mobs) that can barely be completed alone. Yet beating these NPCs are required to complete quests, gain XP and progress." You are just ranting now are you? There are probably less than 0.1% of the quests in the game that requires you to kill a boss, if you can't do it solo or find a group, just ignore it. I am 1000% sure this game DOES NOT REQUIRE you to kill these few bosses to gain xp and progress
  4. does what it says on the tooltip, plus double your carry weight
  5. I have spent well over £2000 on both of my accounts playing this game, I don't mind the wipe, as long as I can still come back and enjoy the game, so well done devs, can't wait for the new FE while enjoying the classic
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