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  1. How many others from Exile are back?
  2. they must be duping the whole area then for it to affect people like that. i cant log in at all on 2 of my toons...one is my main crafter damnit lol
  3. I have been trying to log in 2 toons that are in Westreach area and they will not load. I can load other toons in other places but any toon in Westreach will not load. Ill click on the toon i want to load in the selection screen and it will say its loading and it will just sit there and not load. Ive been trying to load them since about 4am EST.
  4. Earlier this morning i was searching on my hard drives for a text file i made many years ago that had waypoints i thought were neat. What i found was a folder called Fallen Earth Stuff and inside was a bunch .DOC/.JPG/.PDF/.PNG/.TXT/.XLS files with information on the game. Also was 2 programs one called fallen earth grocery and the other is Wasteland Cartographer. The cartographer is a program that you can make waypoint lists for various things including comments of drops and other information and then import/export them into your game or trade with people. The grocery is a crafting helper that lets you find an item in the list and it tells you the mats you need and the estimated time to make. Im hoping that the original creators of the programs will either update them or allow them to be open source for the community. FYI: In order for the cartographer program to work correctly on the modern pc i had to have it run in administrator mode and compatibility mode for windows 7. It worked like a charm then. Is it ok to post the link in here to where i uploaded them?
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