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  1. Yeah it seems to be fixed. i experienced no more lag/spikes
  2. The game used to run fine (for me) back in the day though, even when it was nearing its end and people started complaining about lag, and the game used to have alot more people i suppose, i mean the engine/server code still got the same job as 10 years ago so why would its performance change just due to age. those 15+ seconds lagg spikes were pretty massive thou.
  3. i cant make a support ticket btw. the submit button is unclickable.
  4. I wonder how many people are playing fallen earth right now. steam charts says there are currently 233 people online (but thats just throught steam)
  5. I wasnt online when maintenance started but i got the same issue my steam id is 76561198037170294, mods log me out pls.
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