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  1. People still don't understand that LO didn't get a penny from people that have spent money on Innova and that hosting a server costs money for LO aaand that they don't get profit from doing that. Also any other company would just close the server and do nothing. Maybe i should write it on russian so that people would understand it?
  2. i would personaly merge all districts and improve the finding opponents functions. The player base is to low to divide ppl into different districts.
  3. What are you talking about? Why should LO give you compensation in the first place? Ask Innova to compensate your lost money. LO have nothing to do with it. Other companies just spit on people when one of the servers closes down. Be happy that you get something and stop complaining. PS. Played on Innova since OBT and i have to say thank you LO for trying to do something to the players even though you don't have to do it.
  4. Well, i've bought most of my items already on Nekrova so i'm fine with that transfer.
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