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  1. 17 hours ago, HighSociety said:

    Segregation was the worst decision back than.

    Now we got rid of it at last and it seems everything left is a community of kittens and crybabys. So sad.

     and closet cheaters  😄 

    But they never fixed matchmaking so still a dumb decision.
    it's like buying a car where its engines are removed, sure you brought a car but can you drive it ? lol 

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  2. 20 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    Between latency and the game's poor netcode, you can never be sure whether your opp is macroing or has figured out how to click a mouse. My best advice is to stop worrying about it and try to have fun. It only poisons your enjoyment if you see cheaters everywhere.

    we have cheaters, cannot deny that, but a few these days. Ofc we all play for fun, otherwise what is the point of playing this outdated junk in the first place. If the matchmaking got fixed , this would lower the chances of getting these "few cheaters" over and over on every match or the 2nd one.  

  3. On 9/8/2021 at 3:38 PM, Gateron said:

    From this comment alone i know you suck at the game. Go learn how to shoot in a rythm and make it muscle memory or is that to much effort lol.

    Wait are you saying you posses the muscle memory to tackle macro ? can you prove that you can constantly click at the same pace to atleast match the macro  (  not talking about speed)? if not, reserve your comment "git gud" somewhere else papi 😉




    On 9/7/2021 at 1:31 AM, CookiePuss said:

    Just so you know, the vast majority of players can max rate of fire those guns just fine with their fingers. 

    Yes, then again hit reg is an issue. It is super easy to call out that some kind of macro is in place if there is not even a slight variation in a span of clicks. 
    Good defense for macro users though 😉 

  4. 1 hour ago, iRawwwN said:

    There are fewer players who are using macros than you think. It isn't hard to learn how to click in a rhythm. Not saying people aren't using it, just some people have function over their appendages.

     Usual farmers are macro users , besides the dethreaters , you can tell by the style they play. Besides shooting with guns that is makes it OP with macro ,   they are useless in other areas in terms of mission in APB. 


    1 hour ago, Nuuvii said:

    Interestingly the only gun I think actually works better with a macro is the .45. SR15 and CR762 seem to work better if you can click quickly because they don't hit the ceiling in half a second of shooting.

    those are the ones most of them use too.

  5. 5 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

    Oh yeah it's definitely cheating, I just wasn't sure if you meant something else. 

    Using a macro is cheating , but then we have the games that allows it like most MOBAs vs APB , which the actual anti-cheat is flawed to detect any macros overall.
    Anyways this is my share of this brilliant idea for removing threat restrictions on all mission districts in order to save JERICHO , but  this is more likely gonna kill the pop even further 😄.

    Unless LO is trying to top the RIOT BR mode decision with this, then it is awesome. 

  6. 34 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    Yeah but what would overcoming "human click speed" even do? 

    It's not like you can make guns fire faster. 

    Same logical question, what would aimbot do ? what do you think ? lol  and what is the point of playing if you are not versing a human at that point , why not make this game a pve, where it is  just human vs npc where  npc will be  aimbotting against you. At least you can avoid the " trash talk" afterwards   and actually get good  since you are not  facing the different version of cheaters out there 😉 


    16 minutes ago, Acornie said:

    It's seemed fine to me and I've actually been playing NA quite a bit lately, imagine that

    I mean the active times in Jericho when threat restrictions  on districts were there   , at most 2 districts were active  , one being the silver and one being bronze. Sure can imagine 

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  7. 40 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    When you say macro, what do you mean?

    Anything software or hardware based assist to overcome human click speed - based on apb - shooting.

    I am sure you already know that. 
    Defenses thrown out there are the  "fire rate mismatch " , "hit register", etc . The abusers are well aware of the primary and secondary they use to avoid  all that hinderance  😄 

  8. Out of all the sweaty tryhards , its very few who is actually skilled vs Macro users.

    Skilled ones hate farming on low threats vs macro abusers and closet cheaters who  love it.
    LO dont give a crap on Macro, nor give a crap on closet cheaters  so cheers for the allowing the sweaty tryhards to farm low threats with no barriers - real power move there.

    I mean this would eliminate the chance of new players staying. The  low threats playing the game for about 1 to 2 matches till they realise every first or 2nd mission is gonna be a macro abuser versing them lol.

    But LO , you will get the occasional newbies who still thinks there is hope (delusion)  and can improve their skills as  they are still not aware that the half of the opponents they  face will be a cheater or a macro abuser.
    I guess about 1/10 or 10% of these new players have a chance of staying - again real power move there.


  9. On 2/10/2021 at 7:17 PM, RespectThis said:


    Not saying its going to bring players back. Not sure where you pulled that from. What I said was you can learn from going against better players than you. To be honest I don't think APB needs new/outstanding content to stay relevant. The gameplay itself is what makes APB fun. What APB really needs is proper weapon balancing, anti-cheat, and stable servers. Trust me gold players don't really enjoy farming new players. We'd rather go against op around our own level. Who would have thought APB won't ever be CS:GO... go figure.

    it's already irrelevant, the game already died, remaining pop becoming lower and lower day by day. EU if not gonna deliver a marvellous Engine , it is the final nail to the coffin for APB. New content , I mean is , something unique other than coping "BR mode". Real talented players hate going against weak players, but im talking about the fake, ego-boosted golds which includes the closet cheaters who think its "skill" farming on newbies and weak players. Weapon balancing was always an issue and each time LO messes it up. And I agree with better anti-cheat and stable servers. 

  10. On 2/7/2021 at 6:51 PM, RespectThis said:

    Because there is almost always going to be someone/people better than you. Plus despite what people say APB is very much a competitive PvP game so people getting stomped shouldn't be a turn off. Ya sure losing isn't fun but its part of the PvP experience sometimes.

    You aren't wrong about what I'm going to say. It does help you become a better player. At the same time though its up to the player to pick up on these things and apply them. Weapon use, good spots to hold, and protecting items that drop off your opposition when you kill them while they're moving to a drop off as examples. Even in PvE games like Monster Hunter people fighting Fatalis will get their butt kick multiple times. Its not a reason to quit. You pick up on openings, when to dodge, and what weapon works best for you. Its all learning from experience.

    newbbie vs golds are not gonna bring the game back if you are looking at the angle , this game is already so old with absolutely no new content to attract and last thing would be to get farming golds on their back every time they play. APB is not CSGO and never will be. 


  11. 7 hours ago, Cr0 said:

    Well... about the configs. After they fix color blind mode, custom configs must be locked and I'll tell you why.
    Some of the current cheats most don't seem aware about historically and which are very hard to detect are external object detection aimbots which rely on some of the current popular configs to keep the "objects" (a.k.a player models, detected by AI) clear/uncovered by the exact things which some configs remove, namely: grenade and vehicle explosions, vehicle fire and smoke, muzzle flash, blood etc. Also some shader edits help out with that through removing details, fog, changing light etc to the point where player models become even easier to detect by AI. There are groups of people using these exact cheats, very happily. Removal of rag dolls stops those bots from targeting dead players. All of those changes are being done in APB right now. Now, I did not mention anything about how to go about any of the edits, configs, cheats, or how to find anything about this, so I believe this is not breaking any forum rules. Feel free to report my post if you disagree.


    there is no clear cut rule against config edit ( LO dont want to ban the streamers)  and cheaters like this always use the defense " its only client side  so it doesn't count " lmao. Many streamers use this abusively and call it "skills" when it comes to farming new players.




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  12. 4 hours ago, Darkzero3802 said:

    LOs weapon changes have mainly been frown upon by the community and has caused ppl to stop playing. It was already bad enough that they werent trying to fix anything to make the current build playable till the new engine, but with the cheater return since BE returned and the poorly done weapon changes nobody wants to deal with it. LO is causing the further decline and Matt needs to start realizing his changes and current direction arent helping nor are they what the pop want.

    Game already died, the upcoming new engine isnt up to progress and anti-cheat flop, no new content , broken weapon balancing. So is anything LO doing really impacting the community ? yes , its making the old players who has been supporting the game for so long to quit APB  and new players who actually tries to play the game a tough time and  making them to never set foot in this trap. Proud moments for LO.

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  13. On 6/9/2020 at 7:59 AM, Ketog said:

    Since LO never gave an official statement on these crashes, here's a complete explanation of what is the issue:


    There is currently a big crash issue with the game that occurs on ALL Nvidia Turing cards that includes all cards from the GTX 16xx Series, and the RTX Series.


    Here are the 3 common issues that all have been experienced users of those Graphics cards, note that those crashes tend to happen on respawn/ right after a respawn:


    1: Game suddenly stops and gives you an Out of memory error.

         You can mitigate this issue by playing the game in the "Low" or "Minimal" preset, but that doesn't work for everyone, you will still crash at some point.


    2 :Game freezes when you respawn but you can still hear everything happening.

         You can minimise / maximise the game to fix the issue, or do control + alt + del  and click back on the game to unfreeze it.


    3: Game completely stops working on respawn and you get "APB Is not responding" OR The crash reporter pops up and shows you "Device lost" / "Result failed" in the log

         You can mitigate this issue by playing the game in the "Low" or "Minimal" preset, but that doesn't work for everyone, you will still crash at some point.

    All those issues are common to all Nvidia Turing cards, and are caused by their new driver architecture being based around 64 bit instructions.

    There is no way to fix these issues other than upgrading the game engine to natively support 64 bit instructions. (That bug is already fixed in the engine upgrade)

    Whatever kind of "FIX" you find will most of the time work only for you and no one else.



    A quick note that i can give, is that older drivers might be able to completely fix all those problems, i sadly do not know which which driver version.


    The occurrence of this bug varies heavily between users, some never had the issues while some crash 70% of the time on respawn, it is absolutely random and pretty much impossible to track down due to pc setups always being slightly different.

    The only real fix that is known to work for everyone is... well, the engine upgrade, pretty much we can't do anything other than wait.

    I use medium settings using APB advanced launcher and this helped with the crashes but sadly the game has barely playable pop in Jericho now.

  14. On 9/9/2020 at 5:12 AM, PingOVER9000 said:

    No dear, I dont assume nothing, I was just trying to understand from where come these assumation of yours, but I guess you are kinda dump to start this assumation's game and then retreat your defamations after asking some clarify, 


    Yes, defamations without base and just no reason flame around, why?


    About macros and finishing your assumation game, I dont use them and I am used to be a oscar main for ages, not one of the best certainly but I guess to have learned and may tell  something after some times with it.


    Sincerly, Macro players aren't giving me so much trouble and I think they are the last problem in Apb, then most of them dont know how to control "bloom/ recoil pattern" and they just firing full auto increasing their time to kill and for me are general easy kills, especially with secondaries.


    My Little suggesion eh, If you get owned so a lot of times from macro users, you are bad  using semi-auto weapons and arent for you I guess, probabily an atac and nano fit more your playstyle





    Hello there ,
    So with that logic , if cheaters who are bad at cheating can be tackled  by YOU   then it's not a priority I guess. 
    But thanks for the suggestion on what weapons I should use. 

    I believe english is not your primary language but you have tried. 
    Appreciate that you are still an active player in this game. 


    Take care.


    On 9/8/2020 at 10:57 AM, SquirrelFace said:

    Hardware macros are detectable if the anticheat is configured to monitor player input. No human will fire consistently for long periods. BE and EAC block some hardware based macro mice anyway.

    EAC+ BE   blocks two brands  only  and it's not even the common ones. 

  15. On 9/4/2020 at 1:51 AM, CookiePuss said:

    You realize macros are both detectable and bannable, right?


    On 9/7/2020 at 10:45 PM, 404 said:

    what was your point, that hardware macros exist? 


    sure you're correct, but i fail to see how that means spct is "defending closets" lol

    My point was hardware macros are NOT detected nor there was any case where someone got banned because of using it LOL , so yeah it's definitely defending the actual hardware macro users if he is placing a statement like that to nullify the criticism . 
    Hey but you do you , find typos.

    After All this a dead game with cheaters, maybe its less now considering the pop is going down or the pop is left with them. Either way this game is dead. 
    Again LO 





    On 9/8/2020 at 1:12 AM, PingOVER9000 said:




    SPCT are ex cheaters?  Evidence, proof.. nothing on the table and then past is past, game or work, drink outside etc.. important is one learn its lesson, dont make mad "your closer ones " or you will get what you planted yourself.

    Told from one has never cheated in a game or in life, I am not a saint but my legs arent shorts.


    about macro I still remain of this opinion


    Seems like you're under  the impression that  I was addressing all SPCTS , no sir. Also never claimed they were banned for cheating  but you are free to assume. You are bad at shooters in general if you have to use macro , there is no excuse for that being a Saint or not. 

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  16. On 9/3/2020 at 7:51 PM, CookiePuss said:

    You realize macros are both detectable and bannable, right?
    My point is you as player have no idea if your opp is cheating or clicking.

    Hardware Macros exist and they are not even detected, so FALSE ?
    SPCT being banned previously  defends of no cheaters using macro exist ,  thanks LO , your SPCT seems to be good  at defending closeters. 


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  17. On 8/16/2020 at 1:21 PM, Fortune Runner said:

    what you said.....

    what i said.....

    what you said after.....


    how you stitched that crud  together about me based off of these three post is anyone's guess because I've never once said that on the forums EVER 🙃

    oh I see u missed the 'ifs' .I  never claimed you said it or not. But you are free to assume I do make conclusions about a random guy in forums. 

  18. On 8/14/2020 at 8:39 PM, CookiePuss said:

    You think Sake is disliking your posts?


    one of those can't take criticism well guys yep. 




    On 8/15/2020 at 3:20 AM, Fortune Runner said:

    i dont even know where to start with whats wrong with your post.......

    If you think the current anti-cheat is efficient  enough. Nothing more to say to you.
    If you think custom config that break ToS dont exist . Nothing more to say to you.

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