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  1. "APB Reloaded" and "Gamersfirst" names work like player-deterrents. Game could have it's last chance if Little Orbit released completely rebadged/renamed version with engine upgrade and new content. But LO went their own way and after failure of questionable-by-everyone RIOT sold intellectual property rights to some shady chinese proxy company. The End. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  2. But it is a fact. Even if we skip unbans of some subtle closets, a LOT of long time known RAGE cheaters got their accounts unbanned. Matt Scott made some story out of his head about getting FF banned without cheats but did not provide any proof like stream or record what he did to trigger ban. I mean if it is such a deadly bug that shreds legit people there is no reason to censor it and releasing to public will force anticheat devs to fix it which is a win-win situation. Screenshot made from a post in some third party discord group? I will take it as 100% proof, hahahaha. You can dislike devs/owners but love the game, surprise!
  3. Since early beginning it was obvious that LO is just rebadged G1 and/or even worse. Bottle royale no one asked for, selling APB brand to some shady chinese company, messing with mods and weapons in a way no one asked for, questionable engine upgrade which looks like band-aid ported 2015 console build. Yes, game is truly dead and full of cheaters. Cheaters were a less of problem with 2000 people playing cause you could switch district or wait few minutes and avoid them but now it is impossible.
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