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  1. KingHooli

    Outpost Raid

    Outpost raidsite is being built, it takes a lot of different, expensive and hard to come by materials to keep it up. Raid will be every few hours, we need to make sure it doesn't get destroyed so we don't have to keep rebuilding it. Rewards from keeping OP up: Volatile Chemicals (lots) Keys GORE Books Earthwalker Toes GT Experiments Vol 1 Book GT Suit Parts Unknown Mount/Pet Parts OP Vehicle Parts Deformed Hex/Meso Helms I will try to keep both discords updated when raid will start, if I am available. Thanks all for your help
  2. Full list of items for giveaway tomorrow at market: (note more items might be added) The Solution x6 Carbon Hexweave suit Rare Dye x4 Light Dye x8 Pure Dye Skull and Starburst Cowboy Hat x2 Bright Buck Knife x3 Errol's Back Scratcher MOPP 7 x2 Brass Goggles GA-10 Service Pistol x2 ATV Key Ape Goad
  3. Countdown timer to help with timezone conversions
  4. Hello and welcome back to FE all! For those of you new to market, it was established in beta before auction was created (over 11+ years now!). Almost always on the first Saturday of the month, it was the main way crafters sold their wares. Now, it's a way for the community to get together and have a little fun! I do also welcome crafters to come set up a tent and sell your wares! This month the market is on Nov 6th and will be located in Embry Crossroads S1, behind the lifenet at 1pm central NA time. (gmt - 6) No events this go around or instas for the time being, but I will however be giving out various items for top roll if you are in the team, hope to see ya! - Hooli
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