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  1. i guess if people cry hard enough on the forums they get what they want, they convinced little orbit to wipe our stuff after all, penalizing honest players is just very poor decision making. i can't wait to get into mission district and try to spawn my pioneer for 100 dollars.
  2. does this just include fairfight banned accounts, or does it include manual banned accounts as well?
  3. wait are you serious about the joker tickets and the ingame money? did the babies on the forums really cry hard enough for you guys to wipe all that stuff? I understand that cheaters should be penalized but there is a lot of other bans that do not deserve that... that's messed up
  4. In regards to the unban wave that Matt mentioned. He said he plans on undoing a large majority of the bans, does this include bans for other reasons besides cheating though? Specifically manual bans that fall under the category of, harassment, exploiting, or scamming. Will those bans also be undone? He did mention that the only bans that should stay put included those who committed credit card fraud, or any other illegal activities, but it seems that the other forms of bans besides cheating were not mentioned, or it was not clear to me. Secondly, this has been asked many times already but I will ask again. Can you free up unused names from characters who have not played in multiple years?
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