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  1. Playstation game chat haven’t worked for 3 weeks now I don’t think they will fix anything anytime soon on console
  2. So I’m guessing you guys turned off game chat and isn’t turning it back on because it’s been almost 3 weeks, 3 server maintenances and a easter update and game chat is still not working, I just want to know if it’s coming back or not
  3. So it’s been 11 days since the last time voice chat worked you guys haven’t gave an update about or anything, Idk if you guys turn it off yourself or just didn’t get to it yet but since the 11 days that the voice chat been off. I just want to know when it’s going to be resolved
  4. So for the past week game chat hasn’t been work so I was probably thinking like maybe the when the servers goes down for maintenance on the 10th it will fix it but on ps4 idk about pc or xbox but the servers never went down I just want to know why gamechat isn’t working
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