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  1. On 12/3/2021 at 9:49 PM, iRawwwN said:

    There is nothing after this. Matt Scott sold the game to some random HK (read; China) company. He isn't allowed to do anything else with this game besides upgrade the engine. There will be no remake, this is where the road ends.


    There were other paths this game could have taken, but the inexperience of everyone who has touched this game brought us here. I truly hope that Matt succeeds with his endeavors of this game, but I cannot see it happening. Maybe after moass I'll make Matt an offer for the IP and we can rebuild this game. :^)

    No the rights to the APB franchise were sold to China (You don't care about the franchise, just this game)


    APB Reloaded is still in the godly hands of Matt Scott and Little Orbit.

    There's no time like the present but for now we will have to wait.

    When the time comes i hope God Howard is ready to give up his throne because the continued story of APB will go down in gaming history like none before.

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  2. They will start marketing the game again to new players and if new content and maps are released, i think APB can even beat it's all time player record.

    But only if there is something better on the table than old clunky dunky engine (that doesn't even work on newer GPU's anymore)

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