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  1. Well hopefully they get their shit together and fix it soon so we can move on to the next thing to complain about.
  2. at this point it really seems like they’re just leaving things as is because they can, there’s really no excuse for ignoring the incredibly rare occasions when the entire vocal community agrees on something Have they commented at all about the situation since the patch?
  3. Nah man I agree, people like goat/kellyQ certainly didn't help by flaunting their cheating with barely any consequences as they could just reroll when they got banned but the hackusating was ridiculous at some point, I never considered myself to be good at this game and there was a time when I would get hackusated at least every other game, I can't imagine what groups like MBAH/Africa City were dealing with back then. As far as the shotgun balancing issues, yes it's annoying but it's not like LO is doing it to piss people off, they seem to be a small studio that is getting slowly overwhelmed by the gargantuan project they undertook and the constant pressure of the community bitching is certainly not helping.
  4. I agree, APB may always be fucked. This community has always been it's own worst enemy. APB got a reputation as a game filled with hackers because people wouldn't stop hackusating literally everyone, that sure didn't help maintain the population.
  5. Good old forums and the eternal bitching, some things never change.
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