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  1. If you think the servers are unplayable go back to 2013, 2014 (and maybe 2016 < not sure about this year). Pretty much next to zero FPS on mission districts and fightclubs and social were the only populated servers XD I do agree it isn't good now either with random stutters and drops to ghosting. But still playable compared to what this game actually was like. I remember not playing this for years due to it's non existing performance. Truth is I don't play too much now either just hop in here and there old friends stopped playing and can't relate to the younger generations nor don't feel like babysitting to be honest. If I play a game there have to be a specific feature and activity to call it actually playing it. Which many on PC tend to fail to realize what really is playing a game and what is actually the meaning of the word enjoying something. And yes some players are quite questionable with their insane aims that even I didn't had years ago when I was a good gold player. Their typical owning the whole mission then die on purpose maybe two times to prove how they don't cheat. Yeah right, like someone is that stupid when previously he didn't die from 5 vs 1 attacking him all at once. When someone is obvious it's way too obvious. Another truth is people close to the servers have the most advantage and can't do anything against them. Online games came to the point of having luck and no skill at all. Another reason I don't bother to play so as why many quit. Life have other great things to offer instead of wasting it on things like this. Just hope this game goes somewhere one day because I do like the concept of it.
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