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  1. I am among the people who haven't touched this game in almost 10 years and came back after hearing about the engine upgrade. And stuck around since I saw the admirable devotion and passion LO has for this game. One of the most beautiful comeback stories I have witnessed in over 30 years of gaming. Whether or not the engine actually needs an overhaul is not as relevant as the implications this project sends. If a 10 years old game gets a massive engine upgrade, it tells players all of these things: we care about this game we take this seriously it's not just a quick cash grab we have a lot of future plans for this game it's worth investing your time into this game because we will support and expand on it Because why else would a company undertake such a massive project for a 10 years old game. And that's what brings back players and gives them confidence in investing their precious life time into this game.
  2. Just updating my report like a good beta tester: Still not able to get past the character screen.
  3. Just reporting that I still cannot get past character selection. "Error disconnected" after selecting a character and waiting for a few minutes.
  4. Your honesty, transparency (and the fact that this is still going down!) are much appreciated as always, Matt.
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