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  1. Ye they dont even answer to me. After 38 days that im waiting for support they answered and im waiting 8 days to get another answer
  2. Guys i didnt even use cheats or macro i just banned for nothing
  3. @Fortune Runner lol didnt use macro too
  4. lol the support even not working well @MattScott i cant wait any more ill quit the game maybe lol Merged. @mitne lol bro i have only one account i didnt use cheats so anti cheat broken ,...
  5. Hey , my acc as been locked for 38days ago. Im still waiting to get unlock on my account . Support isnt respond me for a while and im gonna miss 10 university . What can i do ? New acc same problem.
  6. @AlishaAzureim waiting 11 days for support and no support
  7. Still cant play apb ... acc locked @Kevkof @ExitReality @AlishaAzure
  8. guys i dont get any answer , i want to play this game earlier and i dont have any game to play , this ticket support is really bad still have this problem just sad time
  9. I still cant play from wednesday @AlishaAzurei opened a ticket like 2 days ago and i have no answer
  10. Hey , I need help ! When i joining to a distract i kicked and it is wrote : internet connection / your account has been locked for 15 minutes . This message is like 3 days ago .
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