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  1. If you had any sort of brain activity you would realize that this is on the Halloween costume thread. Did you submit an outfit? No? Interesting. Didn't participate, whines about results, your opinion is invalid. I'm fairly certain as well that any person who reads the forums would recognize AlishaAzure as that [person]. If you hate APB and LO so much, and are so dissatisfied with everything, why are you still here? You always say LO isn't up to par and that it's always going down, but you're still here... I would suggest to you that you go back to that one streamer, think his name was A Kilogram of Skin or something? You'd seem to fit right in there. ;]
  2. Summary: Opening the Options menu (hitting O) during the login scene results in the menu becoming stuck and unable to be closed. Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: Once the login scene is loading, hitting O for the options menu brings up the menu, however mouse input (clicking) is not active and the menu cannot be closed. Only way around this is needing Mr. Task Manager in order to close the game. Steps to reproduce: Launch APB 2.1 After the startup movies are finished and the login scene is beginning to show, hit O for the options menu. Click frantically to close the menu so you can login, but alas the menu cannot be closed. Use task manager to close the game. Reproducibility: 100% Results: Stuck in login scene forever. Expected results: Not that. LO
  3. Specs: i7-9700k @ 4.6GHz RTX 2070 32GB 3000MHz I will say that the initial feeling loading in felt pretty good, especially in Social (like 120-144FPS) then again it could be because of only 5 people in the district. I personally found the new colors/textures and lighting (when it worked properly) made San Paro become more lively and actually feel like a city. Coupled with the view distance, my opinion is that APB 2.1 is visually a lot more appealing than APB 1.2. On that same note, perhaps because it's not completely finished, the difference visually between Ultra and High/Medium seemed negligible. EDIT: was able to play about an hour worth of 2v2/3v3 missions, and I'll be honest it felt pretty nice; It didn't feel much different than live and things were pretty enjoyable. The lighting on where buildings connected to the ground was super janky and looked really off. The performance however, on anything beside Low/Minimal is, in the nicest way possible...a big yikes as the cool kids would say. Driving around Waterfront on Ultra yielded about ~40fps average. Now I know we were asked to leave the fps out of it but it's a bit difficult to measure the feel of a game when it's a slideshow. The inventory UI results in huge FPS drops and stutters when trying to do just about...anything. Suffice to say the laggy and stuttery UI does not help the feel of APB 2.1. Aside from all the negative issues above, the mid-tier FPS that most players are used to (70-100) felt smoother than live, I assume this is from the engine itself. EDIT: Played about an hour in a 4/4 Financial district so I was able to play a few missions, settings were default medium and changed view and foliage distance to far: I would average my FPS around ~130. Waterfront still ran like poo. Also not sure if it's been addressed but perhaps really dark symbols don't get copied over correctly? Example of my go-to symbol on both live and 2.1 in the same spot. Turning up the brightness on 2.1 didn't seem to affect the symbol. https://imgur.com/a/M1NtcCJ LO's work is not going unnoticed, you guys were left with ground zero of a nuclear blast and only given a couple plastic bags to clean it all up. Your hard work is appreciated and I am hopeful for APB's future. Like many other people have said: The performance is a necessity in order for this grand engine upgrade to be successful for APB, otherwise we've got a huge problem on our hands. LO
  4. Probably the same reason Instagram and other medias removed their dislike feature, there's not really a point other than being negative; the point is to replace a negative with constructive criticism. Most of the time people will just dislike to dislike and then not explain why they dislike, so in the end it's just someone being "grr this make me mad >:(" You're also taking the stance that you should be allowed to be an pleasant fellow without repercussion which is why they probably removed it in the first place.
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