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  1. I presume he was talking about his friend, not you.
  2. This seems to be more "what the company needs" than "what the community wants", right? Anyways, something is being added after all, we can't deny that. LO making profit with the games is also important though. No company can run this mess without good income, and that's the burden this game carries. Too much stuff to be fixed, added and, most of the time, even reworked, but not a lot of ways to profit when there are players on this game who've had most of guns for years already. I sincerely hope that you guys have the strengh and creativity to keep running this game. Maybe things wouldn't be that frustating if you guys listen more to the community, but the right way, that is. Adding more clothing, accessories and more itens of such would be more acceptable than a reskin'd gun. Good luck, LO. Time is ticking.
  3. EAC itself applies HWID bans if I recall it correctly. I also can't stand why people blast on EAC. It's like they the name shaming. People on this forum actually rather see actual cheaters and even unfair bans, in some cases, being shown on a website full shitposting than an anticheat which bans people on a daily basis but doesn't name shame. Quite interesting view this community has, it amazes me everytime I lurk around here.
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