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  1. will these kits need to be purchased or will they be available during the event?
  2. Soloxpwnz

    Basic Ideas [Updated]

    it's really cool. I hope at least something will really be introduced into the game
  3. I can't log in to tech support, when I click on APB Reloaded nothing happens. Also, I paid the bill, but I didn't get g1c
  4. What is the "Gobi Weapon Skin" that comes with the "Paramilitary Bonus Pack (Enforcer)" set, but it simply doesn't exist in the game? I purchased a set, received this skin by mail in the game, but it is not available
  5. Hello, I want to clarify. For the loyalty program, will I get this weapon forever or just for 30 days? This is not indicated in the plate itself
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