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  1. Yakuzation


    Sorry but we didnt played the same game lol and its still better than nothing, they have to search and try to flash, just not simply go back to APB site. since you seems to know how it works, what shoulld be the solution for you? maybe the industry have to take gamers more seriously? like a third organism delivering the account based on ID like in Korea? once you used mom dad sis and bro ID you are f***** plus ID are personnal, in the penal code you cant use the ID of someone else. or maybe a phone number based registration?
  2. Yakuzation


    Hello everyone, do you plan to avoid cheater coming back with an new account in 5mins? no matter if you ban if they are able to come back instantly with a fresh new account (the cheat still working for them, they only need another account)? I've experienced that issue so many times, the cheater clearly says me "i dont care of ban, i be right back in 5" why not ban materials? its far harder than just going on the website and create a new account and here we go again?
  3. Hello everyone, some of you may already know me or remind my work, i dont play APB anymore but maybe am gonna come back, it depend on the new owner of this incredible game. i share with you the result of that flame burning in me at the golden age, note! all those design are pre-littleOrbit. have fun! Cars Album Clothes Album
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