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  1. VRein

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    Still waiting for “our time” and the alleged “Hardwork” you spoke of imprudently.
  2. VRein

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    The CEO is really shitty. Support is a joke, and this forum is full of nonsense. It’s clear they don’t give a fuck about console players, so to hell with them.
  3. Yeah I tried that, but again, it makes zero sense to have to do that when the account doesn’t even exist yet, I literally only get to push x the one time and it's zip.
  4. This is extremely frustrating, and incredibly disappointing. I have tried everywhere online that these people have a foot print, and filed multiple support tickets to no avail. I have posted in the forums and got some bogus instructions about logging out of an account I had never logged into on my ps4 to fix it. Like wtf?
  5. VRein

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    @Ritual why you lying dude?
  6. VRein

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    Looking like I’m gonna have to do the same, how unfortunate that between the forums and multiple support tickets nothing gets done.
  7. VRein

    PS4 -1 Error Fix

    I have never logged into the game on ps4 how can I log out? I press x to agree to the thing and it automatically starts trying to sign in. Also, how do the privacy settings need adjusting?
  8. Agreed, this is how games die on ps4 a lot. Sad.
  9. I’m experiencing this exact same issue on ps4, is there any workaround atm?
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