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  1. What is that ? . .. one hacker and two golds vs 3 silver really ? and this is a bronze server , Everyday i see much times this class of abusiveness and everyday i see more cheaters playing but never got ban . .. will they ever do something about it? <a href="https://ibb.co/gWZDfHM"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/DMf7vsD/hacks-de-mierda.jpg" alt="hacks-de-mierda" border="0"></a> https://imgur.com/BpJpK2e
  2. maybe , but only for fireboom , not for all cars , now remote detonator is useless
  3. i love this game but are infected of hackers , is imposible play 3 consecutive missions without 1 hacker minimun , and i have years waithing for antihack , VERRY THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNXXXXXXXXXXX mat and the all apb staff for update anticheat , now new players not more uninstall game for the hackers
  4. hiii , how to get bunny suit ? i dont see in market or roles
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