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  1. I think SOME streamers did a good job showing the beta poking around (i.e. the more veteran ones that have a long history with the game or a ton of game-sense), and gathering up questions during the stream and show off aspects of the "upgrade"; however, the Q&A was generally a mess in terms of organization and showmanship. There were good questions but the background content that was actually telling a different story (i.e. the new look of customization editors for character and vehicles highlighting the low-poly garbage). In addition, there were also a lot of repeat questions that people asked time and time again for the upgrade rather than ones that tie into what the beta showed. The facilitation of questions related to the beta showcase was poorly managed.



    Notable things that were answered:

    1. When the rest of players getting it? Progressive rollout of the upgrade (Social, Asylum, etc.)
    2. What will be changed/Will there be UI changes? Lot of elements are the same and ported over, want to make sure that players can play rather than introduce a lot of changes, new features, or systematic overhauls.
    3. What major performance issues are out there? SSAO flickering; UI is a huge factor into FPS issues.


    Outside of that, I just feel dirty after watching all that. I wouldn't call it a beta and I think live looks better in some aspects... Matt did share a lot of the progress the team has done with the engine but that showcase and Q&A didn't really help show that.


    I do want to see a resurgence of this game but the approach can be better.










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  2. On 9/1/2019 at 2:44 PM, MattScott said:

    Hi all,


    On October 2nd 2019, we will be releasing character and clan names that haven't been accessed in over a year.


    In order to preserve your names, just log into your account on APB Reloaded during the next 31 days. It's that simple. Just log into your account. For those with multiple accounts, you may want to double check that you logged into has your favorite character or clan names so there are no surprises later.



    last time this happened, it had a tendency to fuck up veteran characters who actually did log in (i.e. a r1 who hasnt logged in since the start took the name of a r255). what's the difference between this time and last time? can they actually trust your process?


    and what about accounts that have the same name on each world server? which has priority?


    what about two players with the same name that both log in? who gets priority?


    "it's that simple"...please explain your simplicity before you lose even more players over this again.


    It is safe to say this thread will just get buried because (1) it's not trendy, (2) won't have a 200IQ posters spearheading it, and (3) a lot of text to digest... but whatever there is an attempt



    While it is cool that there new things are on the horizon, what part of the gaming market is LO trying to appeal to with all this? The following are questions/thoughts that won't be discussed unless we're your stakeholders instead of your clients (us). Before this game gets ripped a new one by the current playerbase and the next "gaming" journalist looking to plagiarize and misinterpret a social discussion found here, I just need to know where this game stands in LO's eyes rather than us up/down-voting everything that isn't a meme-reply.



    Why try a new mode now without actual advertising?

    • I read the news, the communications, the what-have-you... Call it a battle royale or not, this is a very saturated market and the Top 3 already are already battling it out to keep players interested.
    • RIOT will always be seen that way no matter how its spun and that is a gift and a curse which APB is taking too much of a gamble on. It can work if there are people to advertise it...but there currently is not because the game does not run smoothly  for everyone.
    • APB, past us, isn't even a part of anyone's conversation, its still a "what is that" title.



    Why have them?

    • While most companies see this a very easy business practice to lure in credit cards...that works when there is a population and if the game is actually designed for it. But in the end, exclusives anyway you spin and deliver them are slow killers (loot boxes, passes, random events that honestly will never happen again, etc.).
    • With the current state of the game, no matter how appealing a new mode and engine may sound, adding exclusives would not be ideal to keep a future playerbase that wants to stay.
    • The only games that I know of that actively try not to split their playerbase with exclusives (in any fashion) are: Gwent (what's new, it's CD Projekt Red) and Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 (Arena Net).
      • There may be other games doing this (Warframe is getting around to it), but the point is, these games have LOYAL player-bases and attract new players the same. All they make sure is that everything is truly rotational (miss it this year, you have the same chance next year). They make going back to online games very easy.
      • To the random by-passer who is way too smart for me and going to point out LO is going to do the same... Let me know when everyone gets those "RedHill" rewards (which is not the only event that did that), or when LO fixes Steam Achievements for the 2014/2015 holiday events that can only triggered them (who the hell-cares about achievements though, right?!)
        • The point is, every player is different and if you displease 1 player: don't assume that it stops at 1.


    Are we just trying to make a quick buck? Or actually gain and retain new and old players?

    • Still, to this day, ARMAs is filled with weapons. Not sure why after almost a year of owning this game and how long this game has been on the market, you still want fuel the "p2w" fire. It's NOT GOOD.
    • Remember: Game is getting older , players are getting older, and rarely do you see young gamers wandering the internet to find the gem that is APB. Don't kill the game using business practices that are killing larger titles as is.



    Does any of the changes to APB actually have the idea of building a new loyal and populated playerbase?

    • We now have less players playing this game between March-April 2019 than March-April 2018...
      • Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, typing in /pop in game...you can't make this up. We see it.
    • While we only need 1 district full to really play this game...everything is still segregated by threats, modes, etc.


    Current Audience

    Why aren't we addressing those "little" problems that "orbit" this game which is stuck in a state of 'having potential' for a decade now?

    • Yes, APB needs to change...but we aren't changing what will matter to players.
    • I understand as a developer/publisher there are MANY teams involved to keep this game alive (even its current state) and keeping the people fed to do so, but we are slowly going back to what was killing us under G1.
    • Look I want to come back to this game...and so do the players currently playing it that are oblivious to APB news and even everyone on these forums actively do too(who doesn't just post for the sake of posting). But who are we kidding: The only people reading these "news" are people who have been here and its the little things (as you can see from this very thread) that will continue to kill our hopes.



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  4. 12 minutes ago, Aeronaut said:

    5. there's also the fast enter method where if the vehicle door you're attempting to enter is partially blocked, the game goes fuck it and teleports you inside the vehicle. that's technically the fastest way to enter a car but that would mean you'd have to carefully prep your car every time you exit or get lucky with civilian cars around the city.



    passenger side door with a civilian in it is the fastest way.*



    * - (as mentioned) outside other than #5 - instantly if partially blocked

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  5. if battleye wasnt doing its job, it wouldn't be the industry standard today for major game titles. in apb, like other games, its even running alongside other options.

    the number of cheaters will always be exaggerated by inexperienced players, while in turn it should be known that the battle against cheats is a constant one. its painfully obvious when known cheaters suddenly just cant kill the same way they used to, or when they take a hiatus and conveniently come back the same time an "update" is revealed (only to disappear a day later until the next one). people are getting kicked, suspended, or even locked out from the game until they fix/clean their system. but i think the statistic on how many bans so far (as well as dropping the permanent hammer) will be locked away until LO gathers the data they need, Battleye gathers they need, and when they get server issues and updates situated.

    i feel confident that is working in some degree because the gameplay is way better than it was before battleye.

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  6. i never saw fragile as a "joke". to me it's a handicap people choose to use for an added challenge and serves that purpose well. seen many do well with it (even after the patch), much like how i seen many run completely modless and still do better than anyone else. while i'd admit this most likely means these people are just better players.. does it really need changing if its just a niche way to play? for example, using kevlar or flak jacket..just fun alternatives to change it up. nothing has to be as optimal as clotting agent.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, Tobii said:
    Would there be no gain if you were to use Amazon server/Valve?
    Valve mention in that DDoS talk that battlerite is running on their servers. I am would assume that their servers would be up to snuff even with something like APB?
    with more and more games switching to Azure, i wonder if that is considered given its supposed more stable server infrastructure

  8. console. is just a whole mess of terrible design decisions that hopefully are avoided with the pc upgrade.
    a lot of the color changes to the player/car editor is a big turn off of the console version, as well as the redesign of the ui. at the same time, the new lighting looks nice on console (hope they can do it with the gray editor though on pc, should stick to neutral colors in editors).

    id focus more on making the game look the same but run better, then have the option to tweak it higher/lower.

    as for now v old with pc, the old version was overly bloomed. while i get the appeal, san paro isnt vegas or times square. lights make more sense in the current version, but maybe the blue filter could be adjustable (again user control).

  9. cool stuff. thanks for owning up to the rush and vowing to not do it again, thats the type of communication that we never had before and takes serious guts and grants serious respect. looking toward the future plans listed.

    that said, despite that hiccup it is still awesome to see such wholesomeness stuff from some of our older community trying to keep the hope train going, things like this could bridge the gap between more official news (worth checking out if you havent already) :

  10. 10 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    I see the Showstopper is already up on ARMAS, any chance we can get the stats too?
    Its very reasonably priced, but I feel weird not knowing what I'm buying.

    Maybe not posting the stats means the stats aren't final?

    Anyhoo... just thinking out loud.

    On 8/7/2018 at 2:15 AM, CookiePuss said:
    ngl... thats super messed up

    Cant believe I spent so many hours actually testing weapons, only to have the rewards given out to people who showed up just to goof off and play a few missions. 

    Time to uninstall OTW for good. 
    This is some serious bullshoot.


    it is a good price though, more secondaries should be adjusted the same way.

  11. 3 hours ago, Lucidy said:

    Shotguns : Needed more time to balance, live build needs shotgun buffs to be reverted (Showtopper is w/e, all the others need more time before pushed to live build)
    IR3: Revert the change no one asked for that crippled every single marksman and many preset modded guns. This was a bad way to change how things were fine beforehand.


    for these two things:
    • yes, shotguns need more time. not all the shotguns, just the hot ones. but they all should have clear value to use. not just "use a csg or else"
    • ir hasnt affected marksman weapons as much as people like to exaggerate. they made it way easier to stick to their designed optimal ranges without the manual intervention of having to control firerate for accuracy.

  12. 1 hour ago, Triksterism said:
    @Nanometic -- I appreciate your input and I agree with what you've said, especially about not making the game more complicated (for newer players). The cargo penalty is a quick-fix for sure but I feel like it would really fuck up heavy carry missions. Who ISNT going to run a blue mod in their car? Hell, the starter car (that now comes with a car spawner mod) has 5 slots of storage (enough for 1 heavy item). With the quick fix capacity penalty, this would leave new players in a bit of a bind.

    Sure, you could just grab an NPC vehicle, providing there are any nearby but I feel like that isn't good to rely on.

    all npc cars should have car spawner. never go looking for a car again.


    40 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:
    ngl... thats super messed up

    Cant believe I spent so many hours actually testing weapons, only to have the rewards given out to people who showed up just to goof off and play a few missions. 

    Time to uninstall OTW for good. 
    This is some serious bullshoot.

    if you did..you would have been on those stress test districts that had the changes applied. i mean the districts were 50/50 for several reasons well before GMs even showed up, and it was even announced they were stress testing the districts on saturday. then when 1 person asked, who was obviously testing, lixil made the choice to offer the boost to anyone who said "i want max rank" in a short span of time.. not everyone took her up on the offer.

    despite your lowkey legitimate salt over otw boost for people who were actively engaged (even if you are assuming they werent testing), Matt is now offering it to people who ask in this thread. it's not even a "reward", but nows your chance to claim it. make sure you actually get on otw this time. 🙂

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  14. 3 minutes ago, BXNNXD said:
    9 minutes ago, tennogrineer said:

    well yeah, that's always been the case of fire rate bonuses for burst weapons since forever. much like using cj3 on an obir/oscar...it hardly does anything to them even when its -21% to kill its potential.

    it’s not going to affect burst fire weapons in the same way as cj3
    you are more than welcome to get on and witness the 0.1s decrease in burst that does not change anything. or you can just keep theory fighting me. the gameplay doesnt change for marksman weapons.

  15. 5 minutes ago, BXNNXD said:
    1 hour ago, tennogrineer said:

    improved rifling changes (on marksman weapons). for the most part, semi auto weapons stay the same.

    • obir/ffa and oscar - OK way since those are burst weapons
    • cr762  - fine, pretty much the same firerate you would do for optimal range ttk
    • joker carbine and vbr temptress/huntress - okay
    however, since they still are hit...it makes the issr (dogear  especially) uncontested. that weapon will certainly be way too strong (more than it already is)
    beastie has confirmed that the rof negative affects the burst interval and not the fire interval, so all these weapons would get a pretty heavy nerf
    well yeah, that's always been the case of fire rate bonuses for burst weapons since forever. much like using cj3 (7%) on an obir/oscar..it hardly does anything to them even when its -21% (which is like 0.45s to 0.35s)

  16. 42 minutes ago, Similarities said:
    52 minutes ago, tennogrineer said:

    improved rifling changes (on marksman weapons). for the most part, semi auto weapons stay the same.

    • joker carbine and vbr temptress/huntress - okay

    dear god no, new IR3 on the carbine will be horrendous.
    it's a semi auto, if you were using ir3 it's honestly near the same firerate you have already been doing to maintain accuracy/effectiveness
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