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  1. been playing this game since closed alpha 2008 and never once got any of the secret nano missions... so this hits mah feels for you.
  2. having this issue now. hopped off the game for a few hours came back and its trying to update and randomly at different percentages is hitting an error. repair doesnt work, gets same errors. are the servers down? 20191203@0335
  3. When you go to check to see if the servers are back online for the 20th time today...
  4. just gimme the server. dont need anymore premium. i have over 3,000 days of premium active and another 2 years of it unactivated. just wanna play.
  5. been playing this game since 2008.. i can be patient, i can wait a little longer its ok.. i got this, we have been here before.
  6. still not up... error 9. guess im gonna keep drinking, crying and waiting lol
  7. Gimme mah baby back. -sobs- I have PTSD from RTW shutdown.
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